The Seahawks’ Problems With Russell Wilson Are Deeply Rooted With Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks find themselves in a troubling situation with Russell Wilson. The star quarterback has moved to the point of expressing doubt publicly around his future ahead in Seattle. As the matter moves along, it’s become increasingly evident that head coach Pete Carroll has played a considerable part in these internal issues.

Russell Wilson eyeing possible departure from the Seahawks

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Since Super Bowl 55, things have taken a drastic turn with the Seahawks regarding Russell Wilson’s future.

Wilson has since expressed concerns about the offensive line and a strong desire for input on roster personnel decisions. He has also aired that he doesn’t know the fate of his tenure with the franchise.

Reports have now surfaced that Wilson would entertain a trade if that scenario were placed on the table. He hasn’t demanded the Seahawks head that route, but his agent listed the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders, and Chicago Bears as landing spots if they did.

Another wrinkle in the situation has emerged, possibly involving Pete Carroll playing a part in how things have transpired.

The Seahawks’ problems with Russell Wilson are deeply rooted with Pete Carroll

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The Seahawks have found themselves in a potentially troubling situation concerning the future of their star quarterback.

With the talk of potential trade aspirations from Wilson seeping out in Seattle, an in-depth report from The Athletic came about detailing the long history of internal issues. Among the many nuggets of information in the article, it detailed Pete Carroll’s unquestioned control of the team that at one point drove his son, Nate Carroll, away in frustration last season.

“This past season, receivers coach Nate Carroll, who has worked under his father since 2010, briefly stepped away from the job in frustration over his role before returning to the team, sources told The Athletic,” the piece detailed. “Nate made his unhappiness known to players, sources said. For Wilson and those around him, the disruption validated a long-held complaint: Carroll, and by extension his sons, answer to no one.”

Carroll’s constant control of the entire situation has drawn a strong internal strain that includes his family. Granted, there are tough stretches throughout a season that draw much mental pressure, but it’s clear that the 69-year-old’s command of everything is quite draining for all involved.

There had been the accusations in the past that Carroll coddled Wilson early in his career. That alone created a certain sense around the franchise. It’s not to suggest that Carroll is the reason why Wilson is expressing doubt, but it’s fair to assess it’s a contributing factor.

What will unfold in Seattle?

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The Seahawks are engulfed in much uncertainty concerning Russell Wilson’s outlook with the franchise.

Wilson may voice his desire to continue to play in Seattle, but his frustrations are toward issues that have long plagued the team. It has pushed the dialogue to management to find a resolution to the matter.

If the Seahawks were to explore the trade market, several teams would undoubtedly make a strong push to acquire Wilson. The entire list of desired trade spots would all make strong runs to land the eight-time Pro Bowler.

Yes, the Seahawks have Wilson’s commitment for the long haul, but there remain adjustments he wants done. As the offseason moves along, there will be a clearer understanding of the franchise’s plans with their star quarterback.