Sean Payton Has Saints Fans Raving About Drew Brees

Following some brief speculation around retirement, star quarterback Drew Brees has committed to playing the 2020 season. Brees has spent the last few months preparing for his 20th campaign in hopes of competing for a chance to reach the Super Bowl. With that has come a renewed approach to his throwing ability, which has New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton praising his longtime quarterback.

Drew Brees continues to work on his deep ball

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Beyond committing himself to his 20th NFL season, Drew Brees further heightened the approach to his craft.

The 41-year-old has taken the initiative to work with Tom House, a renowned throwing coach for pitchers and quarterbacks, to increase his arm strength. House has worked with the star quarterback on various drills that he has resulted in Brees comfortably throwing a football 50 yards.

Before training camp began, several viral videos surfaced of him making deep throws with ease in drills. Brees helped improve this ability by spending the last several weeks snapping towels with a throwing motion and tossing one- and two-pound balls before even using a football.

All that has translated to his teammates and coaches continuing to heap praise in his direction. The latest to head in that direction is his head coach, who has Saints fans buzzing about his latest comments.

Sean Payton praises Drew Brees’ deep-ball throwing

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Drew Brees has spent much of the offseason working on strengthening his arm to make better deep ball throws.

That work has paid off as his teammates and coaches continue to rave about his accuracy and strength on those throws. Head coach Sean Payton recently went that route to voice that he’s impressed by Brees’ zip on those long attempts. (H/T

“We’ve tinkered with a few new concepts, but he’s in really good shape. Yeah, at times I’ve seen him get the ball down the field maybe noticeably a little different than a year ago or two years ago. But I like the way the balls coming out. I think it’s coming out on time and obviously to the right person in the right location. That’s one of the great strengths of his.”

With the 2020 season being less than two weeks away, that is a promising sign for the Saints. Brees is the focal point of their offensive attack, which further emphasizes the importance of his performance. He has been the franchise’s driving force for more than the last decade, and his work this offseason is proof that he wants to continue down that path.

Brees has a couple more weeks to fine-tune his throwing ability as he prepares to lead the Saints to a potential Super Bowl push.

Saints’ 2020 season outlook

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The Saints are coming off another season that ended disappointingly in the playoffs.

Despite that, New Orleans is in the position to make a strong push toward the postseason in 2020. They remain the toast of the NFC South, even with Tom Brady in the division with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Saints offense will go as Drew Brees goes with his production behind his arm.

New Orleans has added another bonafide weapon to their passing game with veteran wideout Emmanuel Sanders to pair alongside Michael Thomas. It’s likely why Brees has taken that renewed approach to strengthen his arm to utilize his passing game weapons better.

The NFC will go through the San Francisco 49ers, but the Saints will be in the picture to make a push toward challenging them for a Super Bowl berth.