Seattle Seahawks Prove They Aren’t Messing Around With COVID-19 Rules

Kemah Siverand’s NFL career may have ended before it even truly began.

The Seattle Seahawks cut Siverand, a rookie cornerback from Oklahoma State, without warning on Tuesday, August 11. The transaction had nothing to do with Siverand’s play in training camp or because they intend to re-sign free agent defensive end/linebacker Jadeveon Clowney.

The Seattle Seahawks instead parted ways with Siverand because he reportedly tried sneaking a woman into the team hotel. Here’s more.

The NFL has extremely strict COVID-19 rules

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If the NFL intends to fully complete the 2020-21 season, every member of the league — from players and coaches to media members and custodial staff — needs to follow certain rules.

Zoom calls have replaced standard interviews and media availability. Meetings now happen virtually instead of forcing players into a cramped room.

The NFL released a full list of COVID-19 guidelines in July. Players needed to pass three COVID-19 tests administered within a four-day period before they could officially join their team.

Every team, save for the Chiefs and Texans, can start holding padded practices on August 17. The other two teams, who will face off in the season-opener on September 10, can begin August 14.

Sixty-nine players officially opted out of the 2020 NFL season.

Who is Kemah Siverand?

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A 6-foot-1, 200-pound defensive back from Cypress, Texas, Kemah Siverand (pronounced KEY-muh SIV-er-and) played the last two seasons at Oklahoma State. He previously played at Texas A&M from 2015-17.

Although he played both defense and offense at both schools, he entered the NFL as a cornerback.

Siverand finished his college career with 17 tackles and a fumble recovery across the two schools. He also caught one pass for 16 yards as a redshirt freshman in 2016.

Kemah Siverand may have just destroyed his NFL career

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When the Seattle Seahawks waived Kemah Siverand on August 11, the team didn’t provide a reason.

The move should have stood out, though, because the Seahawks weren’t at the 80-man limit. Releasing Siverand actually dropped the active roster to 76 players. So what happened?

According to NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero, the Seahawks found out Siverand tried “to sneak a female visitor into the team hotel.”

That wasn’t all Pelissero found out. His next tweet explained just how Siverand tried sneaking the woman inside.

“The woman was wearing #Seahawks gear in an attempt to disguise her as a player, I’m told. It did not work.”

It is not known if Siverand faces further punishment for the act.

With one brash act of immaturity, Kemah Siverand may have just ended his NFL career for good. Teams need to be able to trust players, especially in a global pandemic.

How can a team trust a player who went to such an extent to sneak a woman inside a hotel? Considering Siverand was an undrafted rookie trying to earn a roster spot without any preseason games, his decisions made even less sense.

The Seahawks just sent a message to the rest of their team and every other NFL figure. Moves that, in the past, may have caused a laugh or two or resulted in minimal punishment can now end careers.

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