Serena Williams and Her Husband Are Already Setting Up Their Daughter for Excellence

Serena Williams is more than her status on the tennis court. Yes, she might be the greatest women’s tennis player ever, but her impact is more significant. Being a Black woman in tennis, Williams’ success was an uphill battle. She took this in stride and made the world pay attention. Now a mother, Williams is getting her 2-year-old daughter involved, too.

Serena Williams’ activism

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Williams has always fought for equality. Despite the fact that she’s second all-time in wins, she often faces criticism for being public about her fight for equality. Tennis legend Billie Jean King, who helped forge the path for Williams, once criticized the 23-time Grand Slam champion for focusing more on activism than tennis, details Sports Illustrated. King attributed it to Williams’ dry spell. 

When asked about King’s comments, Williams stated how important activism was to her. “The day I stop fighting for equality and for people that look like you and me will be the day I’m in my grave,” she said. 

King later stepped back her comments, but Williams’ response shows precisely where she stands. Women across the sport have long fought for equality. Williams and her sister, Venus, were always among the loudest voices. Now a married mother, Williams is hoping to impact the world for future generations through her daughter. 

The family business

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Williams isn’t the only household name in her family, reports The Economic Times. Her husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian took his wife’s activism to heart. He stepped down from the massive site he helped create to focus on activism and make the world a better place for Williams and his daughter.

Upon announcing his departure from the Reddit, Ohanian pledged $1 million toward Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. He promised to do more in the future. Having a daughter with Williams and seeing how his wife used her platform transformed the 37-year-old’s outlook on life, showing him what’s important. Recently, the pair took an unprecedented step by inserting their daughter into the spotlight in a different way.

A family investment for Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter

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Thanks in large part to the success of the United States Women’s soccer team, women’s soccer has never been bigger. As a pioneer in women’s sports, many credit Williams with paving the way for the team’s household success. The professional soccer world is hoping to capitalize on this, with the National Women’s Soccer League expanding.

Williams and Ohanian bought a stake in the upcoming LA expansion team, Angel City, for the 2022 season alongside other big names like Natalie Portman, reports Complex. However, this was not the most notable aspect of the deal. Williams and Ohanian also bought a stake in the name of Olympia, who is just two years old. The move is meant to show that anyone can be a part of history. Ohanian took to Instagram to comment on it.

“I am proud to be a part of this wonderful group (majority women!) working to bring a women’s professional football club to Los Angeles,” Ohanian wrote on Instagram. “As someone who spends hours kicking around a football with my two-year-old daughter, I want her to have a front-row seat to this revolution.”

Olympia doesn’t know it, but her stake in the team is a historic moment for future women everywhere. And Williams’ status as a trailblazer and an activist is likely just beginning. Perhaps, with this acquisition, Olympia is at the start of her own, similar journey.