Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Isn’t Afraid to Flaunt Her Mom’s Wealth

The Williams family is already the first family in tennis, thanks to Venus and Serena Williams‘ two-decade stranglehold on the sport. However, with Serena’s daughter, Olympia, becoming a beloved figure at tennis tournaments, the apple might not fall from the tree. From business deals to a best-selling doll, Serena is setting up Olympia for greatness. And the 3-year-old isn’t afraid to showcase her parents’ wealth.

What is Serena Williams’ net worth?

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Serena has been in the spotlight since she was just a child. From her later teenage years until today, however, she’s proven to be something more significant. With 23 Grand Slams and dozens of sponsorships and investments, Serena is worth north of $210 million. With a rich husband, their wealth doesn’t end there. 

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Alexis is worth $40 million after selling off his stakes in Reddit and focusing on philanthropy. Of course, Olympia receives the fruits of all this wealth in more ways than one. 

Serena Williams’ daughter, Olympia, becomes the youngest soccer team owner

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When Serena Williams faced off against her older sister in the Finals at the 2017 Australian Open, it was already a storybook ending. Likely the final time the sisters faced off on such a big stage, it was a fitting end to a lifelong rivalry. Afterward, it became a symbolic passing of the torches. 

Williams played the match while pregnant with her daughter, Olympia. The youngster’s full name, Alexis Olympia, plays off her father’s name and the tournament Williams won while pregnant. After going public with the news, she took several months off to focus on pregnancy. Williams has made no qualms about giving her daughter the best life while trying to keep it relatively normal.

Just three years old, however, Olympia’s parents are already setting her up for success. When Williams became a part-owner of an upcoming women’s soccer team in LA, she bought shares for Olympia, too. Serena and her husband, Alexis, are setting up their daughter for everyday life while hoping that she can inherit some of their business acumens. 

Olympia Ohanian lives the good life

Alexis Olympia, daughter of Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian congratulate Serena Williams in 2020
Alexis Olympia (C), daughter of Serena Williams (L) and husband Alexis Ohanian congratulate Serena Williams in 2020 | Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Olympia’s mother is an icon, and as People notes, she might not be far behind. Already swinging a tennis racket, Olympia may follow in her mother’s footsteps in many ways. She’s the face of a Stuart Weitzman campaign. When she’s not promoting products, Olympia attends lavish parties worldwide, flies in private jets, and wears designer clothes.

Olympia, who has her own Instagram account that’s run by bother her patients, is already a celebrity when she’s barely old enough to talk. Through her social media presence and her mother’s, audiences get a look inside the life of the most famous family in tennis. One could even argue that Olympia is already an influencer, too. 

According to Today, Serena bought her a Qai Qai doll early in. In true Williams fashion, the doll got its own social media accounts with 145,000 followers. The doll, which debuted on social media, helps shine a light on important issues like representation and female empowerment. It grew so popular that it’s now sold on 

Olympia has a resume that most people 10 times her age could never dream of. Yes, Serena allows her daughter to be a normal kid. Still, she also lets her take full advantage of all the luxuries that come with being the child of millionaires. Where Olympia’s path goes from here is anyone’s guess. She’s too young to know, but Olympia’s mother is setting her up in ways that don’t require her to be good at tennis, fashion, or business. However, it also sets her up to be good at all three.