Seth Curry Made the Playoffs Over Brother Steph Curry for the 1st Time: ‘It’s a Little Tough on Him’

For years, Steph Curry has wowed the NBA. His slick ball-handling and long-range shooting skills helped him lead the Warriors to three championships. But basketball is a family affair for the Curry family. His father Dell played in the NBA for 15 seasons, and his brother Seth, currently with the Mavericks, made it to the first round of the playoffs this year. Even Curry’s brother-in-law plays pro ball!

With so much talent in one family, there’s bound to be some competitiveness and jealousy. But the Curry family knows what’s most important: family ties and being there for each other.  

Rough year for Golden State

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The path to the playoffs for Golden State was plagued from the start. Losing Klay Thompson to an ACL injury in the NBA Finals and Kevin Durant to free agency put a damper on the beginning of the season. But the tone was set when Steph Curry broke his left hand in October. Already experiencing a slew of health concerns, losing their star player sealed the team’s fate.

They finished with the worst record in the NBA this season and didn’t come close to making the playoffs.

The surprising Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks, on the other hand, were a bit of a sleeper hit this season. With few predicting a successful year, the rise of the Mavericks and their ability to make the playoffs surprised many.

Head coach Rick Carlisle told Sports Illustrated, “We had a very productive year and a lot was accomplished. Getting back to the playoffs is very significant.”

And Seth Curry has been a significant part of the Mavs success. Coming off the bench, he’s the go-to shooter, just like his big brother. His role on the court has helped the Mavericks make the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Cheering on another Curry

For years, it was Seth on the sidelines, cheering on his big brother and the Golden State Warriors. This year, the tide has turned. Steph Curry is the one watching his brother compete in the playoffs. And while he’s supportive of his brother, he can’t help but miss it. NBC Sports reports Curry told the New York Times, “You remember how much fun it is to play in those types of games and that kind of level, you miss it badly.”

But don’t feel too badly for Steph Curry. He reportedly earns the highest salary in the NBA, has three adorable children, and a talented cookbook author wife. His time away from the game has been difficult, but as he focuses on his recovery, he’s spent a lot more time with his family, playing golf and keeping up with all the basketball games. More specifically, he’s kept an eye on his little brother and the Mav’s successful year.

As for Seth, while he knows sitting on the sidelines “is a little tough” on Steph, he’s happy to continue playing and contributing to a winning team.

Off-court happiness

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W I F E. Happy Birthday to the one that does both!

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While Steph Curry has a lot going for him on and off the court, don’t count out his baby brother. Not only are the Mavs in the playoffs, but Seth recently married his love, Callie Rivers. Rivers is the daughter of LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. With a match made in basketball heaven, these two lovebirds are starting their own basketball dynasty.

While the brothers are close and happy for the other’s success, when it’s time to play ball against each other, make no mistake about it, it’ll be business as usual for the Curry boys.