Seth Curry’s Marriage to Doc Rivers’s Daughter Brings Two Families Closer

The Rivers family and the Curry family may be connected in more ways than you think. Between them, there are three sons who are currently in the NBA, an NBA coach, and a television personality for the Charlotte Hornets. Their history goes back decades, and the current generation is keeping it alive to this day. Most recently with Seth Curry’s marriage to Doc Rivers‘ daughter.

Family history

Doc Rivers and Dell Curry have known each other since the two were players and the current generation wasn’t even a thought. Although the two were never teammates, they were part of the NBA fraternity at around the same time, so their paths crossed multiple times. Doc thought back about the relationship between the two families with The Undefeated

“The Currys are a great family,” Rivers told them. “I’ve known Dell and Sonya for 100 years. It’s very natural. Two good families, so it’s pretty cool. Dell and I don’t really talk about it. We played in a golf tournament together. We’ve always kind of been tight. It’s been a really natural union.”

This bled into the next generation, too. Seth Curry and Austin Rivers, both of whom are currently in the NBA, were teammates when they played at Duke.

Competitively, the Rivers and Curry families have also butted heads both internally and with one another. The greatest example of this would be between Steph Curry and Doc, who have faced each other multiple times in the playoffs, with the Clippers and Warriors having a miniature rivalry in the years leading up to the Warriors dominance. 

With the two families merging through Seth and Callie, however, both appear ready to turn a passing relationship into something special.

Seth Curry and Callie Rivers

According to The Undefeated, Seth approached Doc about marrying his daughter before he officially popped the questions, and Doc was more than excited to oblige the request. Throughout his talk with The Undefeated, Doc beamed about the quality of character that Seth had displayed in all the time that he had known him. 

Similarly, Austin told them how thrilled he was when he found out that his sister was dating Seth. This because he knew that she was ending up with a very good person in the process, stating that he had no worries about his former teammate in the process.

Seth and Callie had a daughter last year, and the wedding was believed to be in the works far before Seth popped the question on Valentine’s day. Austin reflected on the pressure that will come with the children who are born between the two families. 

“I told my fiancée our son is going to have a lot of pressure on them if they play basketball. All these kids will,” Austin told the Undefeated. “Both of your grandfathers played in the NBA. Your father plays in the NBA. And you have three uncles that play in the NBA. But when you think about it, actually Steph’s kids are going to have it the toughest because their dad is the greatest shooter of all time.” 

Seth Curry’s wedding

The summer wedding was paid for by Doc, but he jokingly regretted not making his new son-in-law pay for it after his four-year, $32M deal with the Mavericks.

He told the Los Angeles Times how beautiful the wedding was, but said if he could have the do-over he would have had his NBA player son-in-law take the bill.

Video from the wedding shows the two families celebrating, dancing, and joking as their loved ones joined their hands as husband and wife. Certainly, it will be back to business when the two sides are playing each other. However, it appears as though all sides are happy to be closer than they ever were before.