Shannon Sharpe Set DeSean Jackson Straight After Their Conversation About The Anti-Semitic Posts

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been a person of interest in the media lately and not for anything good. Recently Jackson shared several problematic messages on Instagram, including anti-Semitic comments that he attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Shannon Sharpe decided to have a conversation with Jackson and get his explanation on what he did.

What was DeSean Jackson thinking?

With everything going on, the NFL and other leagues have promoted diversity and inclusion. Jackson took the wrong approach to what he did. When news broke out about what Jackson did, the Eagles released a statement that said the posts were “offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling.” A lot of professional athletes have a large presence on social media. Jackson has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account.

In his story, he shared a quote that attributed to Adolf Hitler. The quote talks about white Jews, and the quote said that Jewish people would blackmail and extort America. A lot of people took notice of the image that Jackson put on his story. People were screenshotting what Jackson posted on his story, and pretty soon, it was all over social media. Jackson received a lot of backlash for what he posted. Other athletes went to social media to address their concerns about what Jackson did.

Things weren’t looking too good for Jackson at the time, so he apologized for what he posted. “My post was definitely not intended for anybody of any race to feel any type of way, especially the Jewish community,” Jackson said. “When I posted what I posted I definitely didn’t mean it to the extent that you guys took it.” It seemed like the whole world was against Jackson after he posted that image to his story. He might have put his NFL career in jeopardy with that post. There was someone who wanted to hear Jackson’s reason as to why he decided to post that image.

Shannon Sharpe had a conversation with DeSean Jackson

Former three-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame player Shannon Sharpe went on his show and addressed the Jackson situation. He also talked about the discussion that he and Jackson had. When they had the conversation, Sharpe wasted no time and told him that he did not know what Jackson thought when he posted the image. Jackson told Sharpe that the message did not come out the way that he wanted it to.

The Eagles receiver went on to tell Sharpe that when African Americans come together, “we have more power than we realize.” Sharpe did not understand how Jackson was trying to get that message across by putting that image on his social media.

Shannon Sharpe let DeSean Jackson know he went about his post the wrong way

Sharpe continued to talk about the conversation he had with Jackson. There was no context provided when Jackson made that post, and that’s one thing Sharpe pointed out when they had their conversation. On the show, Sharpe also said that Jackson needs to be careful going forward because his fan base can go away just like that.

Even though Jackson apologized for what he did, that won’t change the mindsets of some people. As Sharpe said, if he had provided context when he initially posted the image on his story, things may have gone differently. Going forward, Jackson knows to be careful about what he posts.