Shannon Sharpe Puts Steve Kerr on Notice After Recent Kevin Durant Drama: ‘Let the Man Go’

Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant had a lot of success together on the Golden State Warriors. However, drama ultimately surrounded that team for almost all of Durant’s final season in Golden State, as many people wondered if he would leave and go to a new team. Now, Durant is on a new superteam with the Brooklyn Nets. This is while the Warriors, on the other hand, are barely in the Western Conference playoff picture this year. Kerr, though, still recently discussed that final year with Durant, and he actually made some pretty controversial comments that led to FS1 analyst Shannon Sharpe calling him out.

Steve Kerr made some comments about Kevin Durant’s final season with the Warriors

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Steve Kerr recently appeared on The Ringer’s Real Ones podcast. He ultimately discussed how he enjoyed coaching the Golden State Warriors more in 2019-20 — when they had the worst record in the league — than he did in 2018-19 when they went to the NBA Finals.

“The first four years of our run, that coaching was way more fun just because we were joyful and everything was really simple and no agendas, and then that last year things kind of went haywire,” Kerr said, according to Sporting News. “And so, even though we went to the Finals, it was difficult. I enjoyed last season, when we had the worst record in the league, more than I enjoyed that last season when we went to the Finals because we had young guys last year who were trying every day, working hard, we had a great energy, great spirit, great camaraderie.”

He continued: “That last year was tough, it really was tough — the last year when we lost to Toronto in the Finals. There was just a lot going on that you guys … some that you know about, some that you don’t, and that was very difficult.”

No, Kerr didn’t flat-out mention Durant. Many people, though, think that Durant’s free agency situation was a big part of the Warriors’ turmoil in 2018-19.

This led to Warriors reporter Drew Shiller tweeting out part of Kerr’s quote with this: “Steve Kerr told [Logan Murdock] he enjoyed last season (when the Warriors went 15-50) more than Kevin Durant’s final season with the Warriors.”

The tweet then garnered a response from Durant himself.

“This is hilarious,” Durant tweeted.

Steve Kerr responded to the reporter’s tweet

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After that tweet went viral, Steve Kerr brought the issue up to reporters.

“I want to make this extremely clear: If you want to actually get the story accurate, I encourage you to listen to the podcast before we sort of take this story into offshoots and use that as my quote, because that is the furthest thing from the truth,” Kerr said, according to Sporting News. “It was a terribly unfair shot, completely taking something out of context.”

Kerr continued: “To take that comment and put it into a tweet and send it out into the universe was so irresponsible and damaging, and I’m angry,”

So, either Kerr really didn’t mean for his comments to be a slight at Durant, or he is backtracking. Either way, FS1’s Shannon Sharpe recently responded to the situation.

Shannon Sharpe called out the Warriors’ coach

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Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe recently appeared on his show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. He wasn’t buying Kerr’s explanation, either.

“Steve Kerr: you should be upset that you said it publicly, not that the guy tweeted it or put it out there,” Sharpe said on the March 23 episode. “That’s what you said. What did you expect to happen? You were around Kevin Durant for three years. You know he’s ultra-sensitive, you know he hears and sees all. What did you think his reaction was going to be when you said in a 15-50 season, you had more fun than you had the previous season when you almost won the title.”

He continued: “You spent that entire year walking around on eggshells. You guys did everything you possibly could to make sure Kevin Durant felt OK. … I get it. KD didn’t come back. I’m sure you wanted KD back. But he wanted to go and do his own thing. Let the man go. You got what you wanted out of it, Steve. Damn.”

Sharpe certainly made some good points. Kerr maybe didn’t mean to diss Kevin Durant, but, from the outside, it appeared that Durant was at least partially to blame for that season being so difficult. So, it’s easy to assume that Kerr was, in fact, at least somewhat, referring to Durant when making his original comments.

Either way, this is probably not the end of this saga. We’ll see if Kevin Durant has anything else to say.

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