Shaq Made Over $1 Million for Playing in Only 37 Games

Shaquille O’Neal made a lot of money during his NBA career. Not only was he one of the top athletes while he was playing, but he had one of the highest-paid salaries over the course of his career.

O’Neal played for multiple teams during his career. He would win three-straight titles with the Los Angeles Lakers and a title with the Miami Heat. In his final NBA season, he did not play the entire season but still made over $1 million.

Shaq’s one season playing for the Boston Celtics

Throughout his NBA career, O’Neal played for six different teams. He spent the majority of his career with the Lakers after spending the first part of his career with the Orlando Magic. O’Neal joined the Celtics after spending one season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When O’Neal joined the Celtics, they still had their core group of players from the 2008 NBA Championship team. The Celtics finished the 2010-11 season in first place of their division with a 56-26 record. The team looked forward to making another deep postseason run. The season before, the team lost to the Lakers in the championship in seven games.

Going into the 2011 playoffs, the Celtics had no problem in the first round as they swept the New York Knicks 4-0. In the second round, they faced a tough test in playing the Miami Heat led by Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh. The Heat was just too much for the Celtics, and they defeated Boston 4-1 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

O’Neal was nearing the end of his career playing with the Celtics, and his production decreased. It was obvious that he was not the dominant force that he was in his early years. Time got the best of the Hall of Fame center as he only played in 37 regular-season games with the Celtics. Those 37 games were the least amount of games that O’Neal played in the regular season, and he only made two appearances in the playoffs that year.

How much did Shaq make playing for the Celtics?

Though O’Neal only played in a total of 37 games throughout the regular season, he still made over $1 million playing for the Celtics in just one season. According to Spotrac, O’Neal made $1,352,181 in his final NBA season.

Some players in the league don’t make that much money in their first three seasons combined. In his final season, money was not an option for O’Neal because he already made a good amount of money during his career up to that point. The season before, he made $20 million with the Cavaliers, and then with Boston, he settles for less. Though he didn’t play in that many games during his final season, O’Neal had a great NBA career.

How much did Shaq make during his NBA career?

In his 19 seasons playing in the league, O’Neal made over $280 million. That’s not including his endorsements and other projects he had going on throughout his career. When O’Neal first came into the league, he was already a fan favorite. His skillset and athleticism at his size was something that people never saw before.

That allowed him to sign some big contracts during his career. Before his career ended, people already knew that O’Neal was going to be in the Hall of Fame. You can argue that he is the best big man ever to play the game and he is one player who made a lot of money in the sport.