Shaun White’s Net Worth and How Many Medals He Won

When it comes to snowboarding, no name is as recognizable as Shaun White. The redhead, affectionately referred to as “The Flying Tomato”, is one of the top extreme athletes in the world. He’s also made quite the name for himself as an Olympian.

White has had an incredible run in snowboarding, but just how successful has he been? Let’s take a closer look at Shaun White’s net worth and how many medals he’s won. 

Shaun White’s career achievements

White’s biggest accomplishment in his career started early in his life as a baby, when he overcame an incredibly rare disease known as Tetralogy of Fallot (more commonly known as TOF).

This is a rare congenital heart disorder. White has served as a source of inspiration for children with the disease. In a USA Today story on his condition, one father was grateful for the example White set in persevering despite his malady: 

“It’s reassuring to see them performing at the peak of athleticism with those heart defects,” said Bill Hammond, whose infant daughter has TOF.

White’s not just winning on the mountain. He’s also winning off it helping others overcome the tough genetic hand they’ve been dealt. He has been referred to as the greatest snowboarder of all time. According to Olympic Sports Reference

“White is an icon among young snowboarders for his various tricks, huge air, and his free-spirit style. He also has his own Shaun White video game that has been released based on his tricks.”

When it comes to winter sports, there aren’t many athletes with brands as strong as White.

Shaun White’s net worth refers to White as one of the “richest Winter Olympians” in the world. There’s no doubt he’s been able to translate his great performances into a financial windfall over the course of his career.

The website estimates his net worth at between $20 and $40 million. Along with being a successful athlete, he has numerous sponsorships from his snowboarding performances. 

The website also reported that White made a number of smart stock market and real estate investments. 

How many medals has Shaun White won? 

White has won medals at two major events primarily: the Winter Olympics and the Winter X Games. Performing well at these events is how White has made himself the face of professional snowboarding. Here’s how he performed at both: 

Winter Olympics

White has been a dominant performer at the Olympics, winning gold medals at the 2006, 2010, and 2018 Winter Olympics. While he failed to win the gold at Sochi in 2014, he did have one memorable moment chronicled on his website

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation factored into a defining moment at the 2014 Olympics, in which Shaun defied protocol by jumping over a barricade to high-five and hug two kids with cancer who’d traveled the 6,000 miles to Sochi to see their idol.” 

Some would argue that might even better than taking home the gold. 

X Games

One of the best performers in X Games history, White has performed in the superpipe and slopestyle as a snowboarder as well as the vert as a skateboarder.

His X-Games career features 15 gold medals, five silver medals, and three bronze medals. Since 2000, White has appeared in an X-Games event every year except 2016 and 2014. For either the winter or summer edition, White is one of the most accomplished athletes the event has ever seen.  

In conclusion, White’s career of winning medals at the X-Games and Winter Olympics has opened up the door to multiple endorsements and other financial windfalls that have allowed him to accumulate a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars.