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Bubba Wallace has had his share of struggles this season, as have the rest of the Toyotas. Those who were paying attention on Sunday at Kansas Speedway recognized Wallace wasn’t having a good day but a great one. He was unquestionably one of the top-5 cars in the field, but, as has happened throughout the year, pit stops proved problematic and set him back multiple times. He still managed a top-10 finish.

Later in the day, one conservative author took to Twitter to blast Wallace and called him a “terrible NASCAR driver.” The Twitter account for SiriusXM NASCAR Radio responded and didn’t hold back. 

Bubba Wallace has one of his best performances of the season

Bubba Wallace, Kurt Busch, and their boss Denny Hamlin, along with the rest of the Toyotas with Joe Gibbs Racing, showed Sunday in Kansas that they came to play. The final results had all six cars finishing in the top 10, with Wallace finishing 10th, his second top 10 of the year.

For Wallace it was a good result, but could have been so much better. He and his 23XI Racing teammate appeared to have two of, if not the fastest, cars all day. Busch won the race. 

Unfortunately for Wallace, as has become commonplace all season, his pit crew let him down. He was sent to the back of the field on two separate occasions for a crew member over the wall too soon and a loose tire. 

Despite those setbacks, the No. 23 car drove through the field twice and passed dozens of cars to earn a top-10 finish. 

SiriusXM NASCAR Radio shuts down conservative author in defense of Wallace

Bubba Wallace is used to the haters. On Sunday, one conservative author, whose Twitter bio includes how the former president endorses him, tweeted just what he thought about the 28-year-old driver. 

“Bubba Wallace is a TERRIBLE Nascar driver, he has no business in the big leagues,” Nick Adams wrote. 

The SiriusXM NASCAR account responded in a big way.

“@BubbaWallace came from the back twice (due to penalties that were not his fault) to beat 26 other drivers today – including this year’s ‘Daytona 500’ winner – and 4 former #NASCAR Cup Series Champions,” the tweet said. “Only 9 drivers finished ahead of him. His finish was better than your take.”

Adams exposes himself as a troll and not a NASCAR fan


Bubba Wallace Candidly Addresses 23XI Racing Boss Denny Hamlin’s Insensitive Tweet That Landed Him in Hot Water

None of what Adams said yesterday or has said in the past should come as a surprise. He’s not a NASCAR fan, but a troll. True NASCAR fans and his own tweets have exposed him.

In January, when Brandon Brown was in discussions with NASCAR about his sponsorship, Adams shared his thoughts on the situation.

“I am DONE with NASCAR,” he tweeted. “Brandon Brown deserves to have a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sponsored car. This is an attack on freedom speech.”

A few weeks later at Daytona, the author tweeted how Brown was dominating the Daytona 500. The only problem with that statement is Brown wasn’t racing in the Daytona 500. He competes in the Xfinity Series and has never run a Cup Series race.

On Sunday after one of his multiple inflammatory tweets directed at Wallace, a fan questioned the author to name five tracks. He named three and then included the Brickyard, which is a nickname for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Coca-Cola, which is the sponsor for the annual race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Wallace didn’t respond to any of the tweets. He didn’t have to. He let his on-track performance on Sunday do all the talking.

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