Skip Bayless Blasts LeBron James’ Latest Social Media Hype Post: ‘Pretty Embarrassing’

LeBron James has spent the last several weeks sidelined due to an ankle injury. He has continued to take steps forward in his rehab work, which he recently showcased his latest promising recovery efforts over social media. However, it was enough for Skip Bayless to fire off another strong criticism in his direction.

LeBron James hints at his upcoming return

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It has been over a month since LeBron James suffered a right high ankle sprain.

He has spent the past few weeks progressively recovering from the injury gearing a late-season return. LA has remained patient with the process, allowing James to heal at his pace.

Meanwhile, the team has struggled to stay afloat with him off the floor, falling from the second overall seed in the Western Conference standings to the fifth spot.

James recently ramped up his rehab efforts to light work on the court, which he chose to underline with an Instagram post showing himself running on the court. He captioned it with “Coming soon to a city near you. I’M REALLY REALLY REAL!!”

The video has brought forth plenty of excitement toward what lies ahead, with James nearing closer to his return. However, the enthusiasm isn’t shared by all as his most prominent critic took the chance to fire off another verbal barb.

Skip Bayless blasts LeBron James’ latest social media hype post: ‘pretty embarrassing’

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Over the years, Skip Bayless has been one of LeBron James’ biggest media critics.

Bayless has never shied away from the chance to pounce on the Lakers’ star forward for any shortcoming or mistake. The longtime media personality saw that opportunity crop up again as he bashed James for posting a video of himself running on the court.

“Could somebody please explain LeBron’s IG post in which he’s jogging 1 m.p.h. up and back on an empty court?” Bayless said via Twitter. “If he were sprinting, OK, pretty impressive. But this is…pretty embarrassing. Did he really think this would scare opponents???

Yes, the footage that James posted of himself only features running and performing a layup, but it doesn’t appear to be an attempt to intimidate his opponents. It’s simply a hype post to get fans excited that he is getting closer to his return to the court.

Bayless used that situation to get a few more verbal jabs at James where he saw fit. More than anything else, it follows the trend of his constant badgering of the four-time NBA champion.

Opportunity ahead to lead the Lakers to another NBA title

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James will likely take the criticism in stride from Bayless as he has throughout his NBA career.

His focus remains solely on the bigger picture of leading the Lakers toward a second straight NBA title. There is a growing outside doubt around the franchise’s championship chances due to their notable injuries. The bulk of that belief centers on there not being enough time for them to figure it out before the playoffs.

James will likely return to the floor at some point in the next week or so, which will give him several games to get back into rhythm before the postseason. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis is already back in the mix, working his way back into top form.

The task ahead is daunting, especially due to playing in Western Conference, but the Lakers have the golden opportunity to push toward another NBA title.