Skip Bayless’ Mean-Spirited Takes Against LeBron James and Troy Aikman, Explains Why He’s 1 of the Most Hated Figures in Sports

Fox Sports commentator Skip Bayless  is no wallflower when it comes to criticizing players and teams. In fact, he’s made a living off of it, first with  ESPN and now with Fox Sports.

But do his takes go too far? Some of his comments recently called into question whether he is being a professional.

Skip Bayless versus Troy Aikman

Before joining the networks, Bayless was a reporter with the Dallas Morning News who covered the Dallas Cowboys.- In fact, he wrote several books about them during their Super Bowl run in the 1990s.

However, in one of his books titled Hell Bent, he insinuated that Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was gay, which Aikman has said isn’t true.

The rumor was basically started by then-Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer, whom Aikman didn’t like. Bayless ran with the rumor, and the feud between the two was on. Although the pair works for the same network, Aikman has nothing to do with Bayless.

Another rumor that had to be shot down was that Bayless reported Aikman was a racist and used the N-word once in practice Aikman also denied this.

According to The Ringer, some people thought this was irresponsible reporting by Bayless. 

Skip Bayless can be mean-spirited

At times, Bayless is just mean-spirited. A lot of his takes aren’t based on fact but on his personal opinions of certain players and teams. For example, he has had a huge grudge against LA Lakers star LeBron James for years.

He has given James nicknames such as  “LeFlop” and “LeChoke” over the years. Bayless has been one of James’ biggest critics, but he did something on Twitter July 7th that shocked many: He admitted to missing James

As hard as he has been on the NBA superstar, that doesn’t compare to what Bayless said about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

Bayless is known for being a huge Cowboys fan., however, when he called Prescott weak for discussing his depression during the pandemic and after the death of his brother, some thought he went a bit too far.

Is Skip Bayless putting on an act?

LA Lakers LeBron James goes for a layup against the Phoneix Suns in the NBA playoffs | Harry How/Getty Images

A lot of what Bayless says is just an act to bring in ratings to his show “Undisputed.” But how far is too far? Although most of the things Bayless says are in jest, Bayless may have crossed the line with the Prescott comments. It also calls into question his journalistic integrity. 

What he says on his show may bring in the ratings, but it also may hurt his credibility as a journalist with the players. Who is going to want to talk to a guy who goes on his show and takes shots at them all the time?

Not many. And it may be just a matter of time before Bayless says something that he can’t take back and his bosses at Fox won’t forgive. 

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