Skip Bayless Is Aggressively Doubling Down on Baker Mayfield: ‘He’ll Be a Star Again’

Once hailed as the savior to the Cleveland Browns franchise, Baker Mayfield currently finds himself as desirable as a used toothbrush. The Browns front office paid a historically high price to replace Mayfield with controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson, and Mayfield’s trade opportunities are quickly evaporating.

The Indianapolis Colts were reportedly his top choice. However, they chose to target aging veteran Matt Ryan instead. Mayfield won’t be rocking the Colts blue anytime soon.

Things are looking bleak for Mayfield. There’s a chance he won’t even be a starting quarterback next season. However, popular media pundit Skip Bayless isn’t shying away from expressing belief in the former Oklahoma Sooner. In fact, he thinks Mayfield is primed to become a star.

Skip Bayless thinks Baker Mayfield will be a ‘star’ again

As the narrative surrounding Mayfield continues to worsen, Bayless is using this time as an opportunity to double down on the 2018 No. 1 overall pick. Bayless tweeted that he believes Mayfield will be a “star again” once he gets healthy and lands with a new team.

It’s debatable whether Mayfield was ever a star quarterback in the first place. However, it’s essential to point out that his presence undoubtedly changed the trajectory of the Browns’ franchise. Before Mayfield, Cleveland was the worst-performing NFL organization in the world.

Mayfield brought some much-needed swagger and intensity to the Browns. He never developed at the rate of someone like Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen. However, his career year in 2020 helped guide the Browns to their first playoff win in 26 years.

Mayfield being under center was a big reason someone like Odell Beckham Jr. wanted to join the Browns in the first place, before ultimately souring on the QB and forcing his way to Los Angeles.

Which teams are even interested in Baker Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield.
Baker Mayfield | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

A Baker Mayfield trade feels inevitable. Skip Bayless alludes to it happening in the above-pinned tweet. However, it’s worth pointing out that few landing spots remain available for the current disgruntled Browns QB.

The Colts went in a different direction. The Atlanta Falcons just signed Marcus Mariota. The New Orleans Saints are bringing back Jameis Winston. The Washington Commanders and Denver Broncos have both found their respective franchise quarterbacks of the future.

The Carolina Panthers feel like a good landing spot for Mayfield. However, recent reports are suggesting they’re not actually interested in him. The Seattle Seahawks are another good team to keep an eye on. However, they might be going full tank mode in 2022. Acquiring Mayfield wouldn’t fit their timeline.

Can Skip Bayless’ guy rebuild himself?

Ultimately speaking, it feels improbable that Mayfield is going to rebuild himself back into a franchise-caliber quarterback. Few teams are still in the market for a QB1, and the ones that are aren’t expected to be contenders in 2022.

This could be a situation where Mayfield needs to hit the free-agent market next offseason, and land with a new team that way. It would give him a much better chance at being in an offense that plays to his strengths.

Either way, Bayless is optimistic about Mayfield. The rest of the NFL? Not so much.

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