Skip Bayless’ Past Has Come Back To Haunt Him

FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless is known for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. That has sometimes come back to haunt him, though, whether it has been with people he debates on TV or with trolls on social media. Recently, an old take that Bayless made resurfaced after his Cowboys lost to the New York Giants in what was essentially a playoff game for both teams. It didn’t come back up because of some random Twitter troll or because one of Bayless’ colleagues reminded him about it, either. An actual player is the one who reminded Bayless of a past tweet, as Giant defensive back Xavier McKinney had something to say about it.

Skip Bayless didn’t want the Cowboys to draft Xavier McKinney out of Alabama

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Xavier McKinney had a pretty successful college career with the Alabama Crimson Tide. During his sophomore season in 2018, McKinney helped lead his team to a College Football Playoff appearance, as he recorded 73 total tackles, three sacks, two interceptions, and 12 pass deflections.

However, in 2019, he became one of the best defensive backs in the country. McKinney recorded 95 total tackles that season to go with three sacks, three interceptions, eight pass deflections, and four forced fumbles. This helped his draft stock a good deal, too.

McKinney was ultimately the first safety selected in the 2020 NFL draft, as he went to the New York Giants early in the second round.

However, despite McKinney’s success, Skip Bayless said that he didn’t want he Cowboys to draft him.

“Glad the Giants took the Bama safety, Xavier McKinney, I did not want the Cowboys to take,” Bayless tweeted on April 24, 2020.

McKinney ultimately suffered an injury in training camp, according to the Giants’ site, and had to have surgery, which led to him missing a good amount of games in his rookie season. He showed some of his potential in the six games he played in, though, as he returned to the field in Week 12.

McKinney only began playing in over 60% of snaps in his fourth game in Week 15, and only appeared in 8% and 10% of snaps in his first two games, but in his six total games and four starts, he recorded 25 total tackles and one interception.

That one pick probably broke Bayless’ heart, too.

The New York Giants ended the Dallas Cowboys’ season

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The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys were in one of the worst divisions in NFL history this year in the NFC East. They both finished 6-10 but still had a chance to make the playoffs in Week 17.

However, whichever team lost in the Week 17 meeting between the two on Jan. 3 was immediately eliminated from playoff contention, while the other had to wait to see if the Washington Football Team won over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, the game came down to the wire. The Giants led 23-19 late in the fourth quarter, but the Cowboys then drove down to the Giants’ 17-yard-line with 1:24 left. McKinney, though, came up with his first career interception off Andy Dalton to help the Giants get the win. He essentially helped end Skip Bayless’ hopes of the Cowboys making the playoffs and kept his team’s playoff hopes alive.

Washington ultimately won over the Eagles, 20-14, in Week 17, clinching the division title and their playoff spot, so the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. McKinney still had a message for Bayless after the game, though.

Xavier McKinney trolled Skip Bayless on Twitter after the game

Skip Bayless is known for being a big Dallas Cowboys fan. However, a past take about Giants DB Xavier McKinney has come back to haunt him.
Skip Bayless on Aug. 30, 2013. | Christopher Capozziello/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

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McKinney took to Twitter after helping the Giants win over the Cowboys, and it appears that he keeps receipts ready for whenever something like this in his career happens.

McKinney quote-tweeted Bayless’ tweet from April 2020 and said, “Happy belated New Year’s Skip,” with a winking-face emoji.

So, not only did Bayless watch a player that he didn’t want end his favorite team’s season, but that player also trolled Bayless on Twitter soon after the loss. That’s a tough afternoon for the FOX Sports analyst.

Skip Bayless has a high-profile job that requires him to make bold takes. He just has to be ready for people like McKinney to bring out the receipts later on if he ends up being wrong.

Stats courtesy of Alabama’s site and ESPN