Skip Bayless Shares Feelings of Many Cowboys Fans and Blasts Jerry Jones After Watching Hard Knocks: ‘It’s Just Hard for Me as a Fan to See My Team Ever Winning Another Super Bowl With Jerry in Charge’

Skip Bayless is as big of a Dallas Cowboys fan as you’re going to find — but even he has his limits.

Coming off an up-and-down season where the Cowboys missed the playoffs, they are being featured on the popular NFL offseason program Hard Knocks. After watching episode three of the program, Bayless chimed in with his thoughts on the current state of the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones.

Skip Bayless is frustrated with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

For what it’s worth, this is not the first time Jones has come under fire for how he runs the Cowboys. He’s the acting general manager (which isn’t typical behavior for an owner) and flexes his control over the coaching staff.

Any given offseason, a report will drop highlighting a decision or roster move that Jones forced onto the Cowboys, a move that the coaching staff wasn’t fully on board with.

While Jones is the owner and can essentially do whatever he wants with the direction of the Cowboys, he hasn’t produced good enough results to back up his borderline tyrannical rule over the franchise. Dallas hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1995 and has only won the NFC East three times over the past decade.

Safe to say Bayless has strong ground to stand on when it comes to criticizing Jones.

Skip Bayless is typically optimistic about the Cowboys

Typically speaking, Bayless is one of the more optimistic Cowboys fans out there. He routinely predicts them to win the NFC East year after year and normally has them making it deep into the playoffs.

Bayless turning on Jones isn’t surprising given the lack of success the franchise has experienced over the past 25 years. Still, it is telling as to how bad things have gotten in Dallas.

Dak Prescott — the team’s starting quarterback — is also starting to get wrapped up in uncertainty. Prescott is coming off a season-ending ankle injury and is currently battling shoulder pain which needed an MRI.

Prescott has yet to appear in a preseason game this summer and is limited during training camp. The Cowboys’ coaching staff reiterates that Prescott will be available by Week 1, but there’s external doubt.

Just another reason for Bayless to feel uneasy about his team and how it’s being managed from the top down.

2021 is a big year for Dallas

Skip Bayless criticized Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Jones will likely never sell the Cowboys franchise. He’ll presumably pass it down to his children at some point. However, that doesn’t mean other individuals within the organization are immune to a potential replacement.

Head coach Mike McCarthy is already in hot water after a lackluster debut season. Some of the team’s aging veterans (Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper) are beginning to look more and more expendable as the years go by.

Bayless can criticize Jones all he wants — it’s doubtful that Jones even cares. However, what Jones does care about is the national perspective surrounding his football team. If the Cowboys end up the laughingstock of the NFC East this year, one can only assume significant change will follow — much to the appeasement of a diehard fan like Bayless.

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