So Did USC’s Josh Shaw Break His Ankles Saving His Nephew or Not?

Why doesn’t anyone know? On Monday, the USC Trojans announced that their captain and cornerback, Josh Shaw, was going to be out indefinitely with a pair of high ankle sprains after leaping out of a second story balcony to save his nephew, who was drowning in a pool below. This was a nice moment for college football, a welcome change of pace from the usual NCAA-is-sketchy stuff. So, obviously, it wasn’t going to stay that simple.

“First and foremost, [Shaw] is a good person, he’s a good kid,” said USC head coach Steve Sarkisian, “and I have no reason, no history to not believe Josh and his story,” before going on to say that the football team had received a few phone calls contradicting the football player’s story. As far as we can tell, that’s all the information that’s been released about the doubt. It was a few shadowy, unidentified phone calls, and varying reports from groups with wavering reputability. TMZ thinks he might’ve been “shimmying” down the side of a building doing something nefarious, while Shaw’s sister, the mother of the drowning child who might not have been drowning at all, has gone on the record saying that Shaw did, in fact, save her kid. The LAPD hedged the hardest, though, saying that, “[W]e’ve got no record of us having a run in with him. That’s not to say something didn’t happen.”

That is to say that no one has a clue about what actually went on when Shaw sprained his ankles save, perhaps, Shaw. This could very well be CFB’s Big Sleep moment, but for now, Marlowe-less, we’ll have to wait with baited breath for some clarification that doesn’t seem like it’s in any hurry to come out.

Update: On Wednesday evening, Shaw confessed that he made the story up, and has been suspended from all team activities indefinitely.

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