Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Tosses Subtle Jab at Chase Claypool While Discussing TJ Watt’s Impressive Performance vs. Ravens: ‘There Won’t Be Music Either’

The Pittsburgh Steelers just won’t quit. Week after week, it looks as if Pittsburgh’s playoff chances disintegrate. However, Mike Tomlin’s team continues to find a way to win games and remain in the AFC playoff hunt in what is likely the final season with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm. It happened again in Week 14 as the Steelers stunned the Baltimore Ravens thanks to a massive performance from TJ Watt.

After the game, Tomlin answered some questions about Watt and proceeded to throw a subtle jab toward Chase Claypool.

TJ Watt explodes as the Steelers defeat the Ravens to stay alive in the AFC playoff hunt

The Steelers star defender was an animal against the Ravens on Sunday. After testing positive for COVID-19, his availability for the huge AFC North clash was in serious doubt.

Fortunately, Watt was able to clear protocols and suit up for the game and played a significant factor. He had 12 pressures, forced an interception, and had 3.5 sacks on the night. Watt was frustrating Lamar Jackson all game long and did so on the final play as Baltimore went for a controversial two-point conversion to win the game.

Watt busted right through and got to Jackson, forcing the pass to be just out of Mark Andrews’ reach.

Watt didn’t practice all week as he remained in COVID-19 protocols and still was a wrecking ball for the Steelers’ defense.

After the outstanding performance, Tomlin answered whether or not Watt needs to practice, and the Steelers head coach delivered another perfect quote.

Mike Tomlin gives another brilliant answer and tossed a job toward Chase Claypool in the process

Sorry, Watt will have to practice again even after the huge performance. Why wouldn’t he?

But, Tomlin went on to mention the no music tidbit as well. Earlier in the week, wide receiver Chase Claypool had some interesting comments on the state of the Steelers’ practices to make them more fun (h/t Brooke Pryor of ESPN).

“We have music in the warm ups and that, so it’s fun. People are dancing, having fun. So I think maybe music would make practice more more fun and little more uptempo.”

Chase Claypool on how to improve Steelers’ practice

That suggestion didn’t go over well with Tomlin or team captain Cam Heyward, both of which didn’t hesitate to share their feelings on the situation.

It was an interesting week around the Steelers facilities after Claypool’s comments. Then, Tomlin brought them up again when answering questions about Watt, and he looked as serious as ever.

Music or not, whatever the Steelers did worked out and they found a way to get by the Ravens and move one spot out of the AFC Wild Card picture.

The Steelers chances of making the playoffs are still alive, somehow

Steelers trio of TJ Watt, Mike Tomlin, and Chase Claypool.
TJ Watt, Mike Tomlin, and Chase Claypool | Joe Sargent/ Justin K. Aller/ Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Mike Tomlin Crushed Chase Claypool After the WR Complained About Practice Not Being ‘Fun’: ‘Claypool Plays Wideout, and I’ll Let Him Do That’

The Steelers have been a mixed bag this season. They began the year 1-3 before winning four straight. Since then, they tied against the Detroit Lions and then lost to the Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals.

Nobody knows what is happening in the AFC — and the AFC North is confusing itself— but the Steelers’ victory over the Ravens keeps them alive for the time being.

Pittsburgh still has to face the Ravens and Browns again. The Steelers also have to face the Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night.

Their work is indeed cut out for them, but things are trending a bit upward after a stunning victory over the Ravens at Heinz Field.

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