Steph Curry Feels Some Type of Way About the NFL Playing the Black National Anthem

The NFL recently announced that they will play the Black National Anthem before games during the first week of games. This comes in response to what’s been going on regarding the police, the protests, and inequality that has happened in recent months.

Some athletes weren’t in favor of the NFL playing the Black National Anthem. One athlete, in particular, was NBA star Steph Curry and he addressed his concern on social media.

Steph Curry has become a world-class athlete

Curry is not just known in the basketball world; he’s well-known outside the sport as well. The point guard took the league by storm after being in the league for a few years. His 3-point shooting abilities have allowed him to become one of the top shooters in the game. When his career is over, he will go down as arguably the greatest shooter of all-time. Curry has become the face of the Golden State Warriors and helped turn the organization into a dynasty over the past few years.

He has three championships under his belt and won back-to-back NBA MVP awards. In 2015 he was named AP Athlete of the Year. Curry has improved his game throughout the years. Not only is he a great shooter, but he knows how to take control of the game. He knows how to find the open teammate, and he can dribble at a high level and get to the rim when he wants to. Curry started a movement when he started shooting 3-pointers from well beyond the 3-point line. His range is unlimited and he can pull up from anywhere when he crosses half court, and there’s a good chance that his shot would go in.

Other NBA players started to follow suit. It’ starting to become the norm to see players pull up from pretty much anywhere on the floor. The NBA has turned into a 3-point game. You will start seeing centers and power forwards playing more on the perimeter than in the paint. Back then, players weren’t pulling up from anywhere, but when Curry started doing it, they changed the game. He will leave a long-lasting legacy on basketball and sports in general when his career is over.

Steph Curry involved in peaceful protest in California

Many athletes have used their platform to share how they have felt about what’s been going on in the world lately. Some were voicing their concerns through social media about inequality and police violence and others were involved in the many protests throughout the country. Curry is a household name in the state of California and is well-respected.

In June, Curry was involved in a peaceful protest that occurred in Oakland. The six-time All-Star was walking with residents and chanting amongst the crowd. Athletes are more than just athletes, and their job is not solely to play their respected sport. They are humans just like everyone else, and their opinion matters as well. Curry wanted to make sure that his voice was heard.

Steph Curry not a fan of the NFL playing the Black National Anthem

When the announcement was made that the NFL was going to play the Black National Anthem, Curry was not for it. Bleacher Report made a post on Instagram, and Curry commented saying, “Can someone please explain to me how this solves anything???????” Looking at that comment alone lets, you know that Curry does not support the decision.

Curry wants is all for change, and playing the Black National Anthem is not the way to do it in his mind. What is the NFL accomplishing by playing the Black National Anthem? Players will likely continue to kneel no matter what anthem is being played until changes are made.