Stephen A. Smith Bursts Into Laughter and Rips Max Kellerman for His New York Giants Take: ‘You Can Scratch That’

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman make First Take wildly entertaining. The two ESPN personalities always go at each other no matter the subject and leave their viewers amused.

Monday’s episode was very humorous when Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman talked about the NFC East division. When Kellerman finished with his take regarding the New York Giants, Smith couldn’t help but laugh.

The NFC East is a terrible division

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The NFC East is the worst division in football, and it’s not even close. The Washington Football Team won the division last season with a record of only 7-9. The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys went 6-10, while the Philadelphia Eagles finished 4-11-1.

With Dak Prescott expected to be under center in 2021, the Cowboys are the early favorites to win the NFC East. Prescott is the best quarterback in the division and will be motivated to tear up the NFL after suffering a devastating season-ending injury in 2020.

Washington signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to be its new starting quarterback, while the Giants will once again star Daniel Jones. Meanwhile, after trading Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts, the Eagles are banking on Jalen Hurts to lead them to the promised land.

Max Kellerman is a Giants fan, so he’s rooting for the G-Men to win the NFC East in 2021. Not only is he cheering for New York to win the division, but Kellerman predicts the Giants have what it takes to dethrone Washington and become NFC East champions next season.

When Stephen A. Smith heard his partner’s Giants take, he couldn’t stop laughing while responding.

Stephen A. Smith bursts into laughter after Max Kellerman picks the Giants to win the NFC East

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Stephen A. Smith had a blast after Max Kellerman picked the Giants to take home the NFC East crown in 2021. The popular ESPN star couldn’t help but point out how Daniel Jones embarrassed himself last season against the Eagles when he tripped and fell during an 80-yard run.

While ripping Kellerman for his Giants take, Smith was laughing and enjoying making fun of Jones. Even though he hates the Cowboys, Smith picked Dallas to win the NFC East. He has the Giants coming in third place.

Stephen A. doesn’t believe Jones is good enough to lead the Giants to the NFC East title even though the division is weak. Jones appeared in 14 games for the Giants in 2020. He threw for 2,943 yards and 11 touchdowns while tossing 10 interceptions. The 23-year-old has been a turnover machine since entering the NFL.

It’s moments like this between Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman why sports fans love First Take. You never know what epic scenes you will get between the two ESPN superstars.

Unfortunately for Giants fans and Daniel Jones, they were the butt of the jokes on Monday.

The Giants haven’t been good since 2016

The Giants have been a walking disaster since the 2016 season. They have a total of 18 wins from 2017-2020.

New York went 11-5 in 2016 and made the playoffs under Ben McAdoo. However, the Giants got blown out by the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card Game by a final score of 38-13.

Assuming Daniel Jones takes another step in his development, the Giants should be better on offense next season since Saquon Barkley will be back from his ACL tear and Kenny Golladay is in the mix.

However, Stephen A. doesn’t believe in Daniel Jones and the Giants, which means First Take during the 2021 season when New York topics come up will be fun between Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman.