Stephen A. Smith Gives Strong Message About Russell Wilson, Says He Has Been ‘Basically Abused’

One of the more surprising storylines so far this NFL offseason has been the trade rumors surrounding quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. It’s hard to imagine a world where the Seahawks would actually trade Wilson, but the reports regarding his unhappiness keep getting hotter and hotter. They’ve gotten so hot that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently had a strong message about the situation. He even said that Wilson has been “basically abused.”

Russell Wilson has been involved in trade rumors with the Seahawks

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Prior to this offseason, it seemed as if Russell Wilson and the Seahawks had an ideal situation. They always seem to be one of the best teams in the NFC, and they have made the playoffs in every season that Wilson has been the starter but one. Wilson has also become one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL.

However, earlier this offseason, Wilson spoke publicly about wanting to have a voice in personnel decisions. He also expressed his frustration with the number of times he has been hit in his career. The Seahawks reportedly weren’t too happy about him discussing his frustrations with the media, which has led to a third of NFL teams reportedly reaching out to the Seahawks to check and see what it would take to trade for Wilson, according to Michael Silver of NFL Network.

Wilson, though, has reportedly not demanded a trade, according to ESPN. He has also said that he would like to keep playing on the Seahawks. However, Wilson did give Seattle a list of teams that he would consider playing for, which include the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears.

ProFootballTalk also recently reported that Wilson has been frustrated with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, as well as Carroll’s sons. Both of Carroll’s sons have coached on the team in the past.

The situation is certainly fluid, but it would still be pretty surprising if the Seahawks were to trade Russell Wilson.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith sent a strong message about the situation

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Russell Wilson’s situation with the Seahawks is one of the hottest topics in sports. This has led to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN ultimately weighing in on whether he thinks Wilson should leave the franchise or not.

“If he wants to go he should go,” Smith said on the Feb. 26 episode of First Take. “The reality of the situation is: this is a champion. This is a guy that’s gone to two Super Bowls. This is a guy that’s been the star, and carried the franchise on his back for at least the last five years. When you look at some of the things that [have been] transpiring — the man’s been sacked 394 times in his career. That’s one of the top two in terms of being sacked.”

Smith then referenced a recent report that said Wilson reportedly stormed out of a meeting with coaches last season. This came out of frustration over his suggestions on how to fix the team’s struggling offense getting dismissed, according to ESPN.

“He’s been hit over 1,100 times, and this is the star of your franchise who’s been basically abused in that regard,” Smith said. “And he walks into a room and he tries to make suggestions on to how you can avoid getting him hit more often, and you literally let him walk out of the room disgusted because you dismissed him. That’s very, very disrespectful, and that’s the kind of thing that should make him say, ‘I want the hell up out of here.'”

Stephen A. Smith certainly made some good points. But it’s just hard to see the Seahawks trading a quarterback like Russell Wilson.

Whether the Seahawks trade him or not, though, Wilson has proven that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and that’s why he is such a hot commodity.

Russell Wilson has been 1 of the best QBs in the NFL with the Seahawks

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Russell Wilson has accomplished a great deal in his career so far. He has only missed the playoffs once in his career, and he has helped take the Seahawks to two Super Bowls. Additionally, in his second season in 2013, the Seahawks even won the Super Bowl.

Wilson has ultimately been a seven-time Pro Bowl selection, he has led the NFL in passing touchdowns once, and he has thrown for 31 touchdowns or more in five of the last six seasons. In 2020, Wilson threw for 4,212 yards and a career-high 40 touchdowns.

In total for his career, Wilson has recorded 33,946 passing yards, 267 passing touchdowns, and only 81 interceptions.

No matter what team he plays for in future seasons, Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The numbers prove it, too.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference