Stephen Curry May Have a $59 Million Reason Why He Hasn’t Signed an Extension With the Warriors

Stephen Curry has become the face of the Golden State Warriors and one of the most prominent players in the league. Curry’s future with the Warriors has become a more pressing question due to the lack of a contract extension. The Warriors may have finally precisely laid out why he doesn’t have a new deal just yet.

Stephen Curry’s contract situation

Over the last several months, Stephen Curry‘s future with the Warriors has remained a prominent topic of discussion.

Curry has expressed on numerous occasions his desire to stay with the franchise for the long haul. The 33-year-old holds an extremely strong bond with the organization and city through his first 11-plus seasons playing for Golden State.

However, the lack of a new extension in place has shifted the dialogue a bit recently.

Stephen Curry may have a $59 million reason why he hasn’t signed an extension with the Warriors

Over the last couple of weeks, the conversation around the Warriors has centered on Stephen Curry’s long-term future.

Curry is headed on the path toward free agency in 2022 as he remains without a new deal. According to The Athletic, general manager Bob Myers recently laid out that the two sides are waiting until the upcoming summer to discuss a new contract to get a longer extension worked out.

“It was just one of those things, let’s just talk about it,” Myers said of last offseason’s conversations with Curry. “It was such a rushed season and preseason … and with what was going on and dealing with Klay (Thompson’s Achilles injury) and all the things we had going on. People listening may not realize the COVID stuff and dealing with that stuff was so unique. We just very congenially said, ‘Let’s talk about it next season.’

“In his mind, the length matters. It wasn’t contentious. Nobody was upset. It was just, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this at the end of next season.’ And I think that probably meant everybody feels good about the situation. No one was feeling badly about it.”

Myers’ comments make plenty of sense as Curry’s last offseason was eligible for a three-year, $155.7 million extension. This upcoming offseason, he will have the opportunity to garner a four-year extension worth north of $215 million.

The potential deal holds the same terms as the three-year contract he could have received last year. The only difference is that there is a fourth year valued at $59.6 million.

There is also no urgency to get Curry under contract next offseason as he still has another year left in his contract. Time will tell what lies ahead of the star guard in Golden State.

Could LeBron James and the Lakers swoop in?


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Since last offseason, Stephen Curry has voiced the desire to remain with the Warriors for his entire career.

Things have suddenly spiced in the conversation due to chatter that LeBron James may be recruiting Curry to the Lakers. ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst sparked the dialogue last week, stating that James has been talking to the two-time league MVP since the All-Star break.

Windhorst also noted that the 35-year-old wouldn’t be venturing this route if he didn’t believe there is some doubt about Curry’s situation in Golden State. It may be a pipe dream for James to lure the star guard to LA, but the groundwork is being laid out.

The upcoming offseason will be telling concerning Curry’s mindset regarding his future with the Warriors.