Stephen Curry Delivers An Encouraging Update Concerning the 2020-21 Season

The level of excitement around the Golden State Warriors has ramped up over the last several months. The enthusiasm recently took a significant hit due to Klay Thompson’s injury, but Stephen Curry‘s presence has helped soften that blow. The two-time league MVP has now provided Warriors fans with another reason to clamor with eagerness for next season.

The Warriors suffer a tough blow with Klay Thompson’s injury

In the weeks ahead of the 2020-21 season, the Warriors suffered a tough loss with Klay Thompson tearing his Achilles tendon.

The injury effectively ends any hope of Thompson making his return to the floor in the upcoming campaign. The All-Star guard moved through the last several months without a hitch and primed himself to play to start the year. He will now miss at least two consecutive campaigns due to severe injuries that will change the course of his NBA career.

Thompson’s absence has shifted the game plan quite a bit in Golden State, with more on Stephen Curry’s plate to lead the offensive charge. Meanwhile, the door is open for either Andrew Wiggins or offseason addition Kelly Oubre to be the second scoring option.

The Warriors may take a significant hit with one of their franchise cornerstones out, but there is still plenty for the fan base to be excited about moving forward. The two-time league MVP has ramped up that anticipation with his latest comments about next season.

Stephen Curry’s promising message ahead of next season

Throughout the offseason, Stephen Curry has remained on a steady path toward preparing for next season.

Curry has entirely moved past his wrist injury and has a full bill of health due to an extended offseason. Before his participation in “The Match” last Friday, the star point guard voiced that he’s ready to get things going to push the Warriors forward. (H/T Alex Didion of NBC Sports Bay Area)

“I’m ready to roll. Nice and rested. We’ve got a great opportunity to come back strong,” Curry said during Friday’s event. “We’re excited to get back out there and compete … Looking forward to it. We got practice tomorrow. Going to enjoy this last round for sure.”

The 2020-21 campaign will allow Curry to get back on the saddle as one of the game’s top talents behind his elite scoring production. Some doubt his ability to accomplish that, which will provide an extra layer of motivation to guide the franchise toward more than playoff contention.

He may not have the same level of talent around him as he did during the five-year NBA Finals run, but he can be a guiding veteran presence. Curry can take a more significant leadership role to take the young talent such as Wiggins, Oubre, and rookie James Wiseman under his wing. The scenario is there for the Warriors to prove the doubters wrong.

Outlook for the 2020-21 season


Stephen Curry Doesn’t Sugarcoat His Reaction to Klay Thompson’s Injury

There may be a few weeks until the start of next season, but the Warriors’ outlook has been capped by many early, placing them outside the NBA title picture.

Golden State will undoubtedly improve with a healthy Stephen Curry leading the charge and the addition of young talent. The doubt comes into play due to Klay Thompson not being in the mix as he has been a pivotal factor to their success behind his steady scoring and defensive presence.

The Warriors will need the rest of the roster to fill that massive void to provide any real shot at competing for an NBA title. The window is there for Curry and Golden State to bounce back in a significant way, but how much remains the question.