Stephen Curry Once Flashed the Crucifix at a Magician Who Spit Out Live Frogs in Front of Him

Golden State Warriors superstar point guard Stephen Curry is a magician on the basketball court. He can shoot the ball from anywhere and has incredible handles that help him embarrass his opponents.

When magicians meet fellow magicians, they are usually amazed by what their counterparts can do. At NBA All-Star weekend a few years ago, Stephen Curry met a real magician and was astounded by what he saw. The NBA star was also so freaked out that he had to flash the crucifix at the magician.

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history

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Stephen Curry is the best shooter in NBA history, and it’s not even close. He will eventually pass Hall of Famer Ray Allen on the all-time 3-pointers list.

Curry is one of the few players who strikes fear into his opponents before he even crosses half-court. The two-time MVP and three-time champion has hit several 3-pointers from beyond half-court during his stellar run with the Warriors.

Since getting drafted by the Warriors in 2009, Curry has compiled averages of 23.8 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 6.6 assists. He shoots 43.3% from beyond the arc and makes deep shots look effortless.

There have been many games where Curry was so automatic from deep that fans were convinced he was a magician disguised as a basketball player. Since he’s a wizard with the ball in his hands and does unhuman-like things, the prevailing thought was that nothing could shock Curry in life.

However, when Stephen Curry met famous magician David Blaine at All-Star weekend one year, he was so terrified that he had to put up a crucifix with his hands.

David Blaine spit out live frogs in front of Stephen Curry

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Legendary magician David Blaine spit out live frogs during a mind-blowing trick in front of Stephen Curry and a few other celebrities. Curry, a very religious person, created a crucifix with his hands while Blaine spit out the third frog.

Blaine spit out three live frogs, one for Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Curry. Miami Heat small forward Jimmy Butler was in attendance as well. The entire room was in disbelief.

Curry thought Blaine was the devil, so he kept flashing the crucifix every time Blaine spit out a frog. Basketball fans always come away flabbergasted when they watch Curry play for the Warriors, but the All-Star guard was dismayed on this particular night by Blaine’s insane trick.

It’s safe to say Stephen Curry will never forget his encounter with David Blaine. The magician proved that anything is possible by housing live frogs in his body and spitting them out.

Warriors star will have to go into his bag of tricks to guide his team to the playoffs

Stephen Curry and the Warriors are in 10th place in the Western Conference standings with a record of 22-24. Curry will have to go into his bag of tricks to reach the playoffs or qualify for the play-in tournament.

For the second consecutive season, the Warriors are playing without Klay Thompson, who suffered a torn right Achilles tendon before the 2020-21 campaign began. The pressure is on Curry every night to play at a high level because if he doesn’t, the Warriors usually get blown out.

Moving forward, Stephen Curry will have to channel his inner David Blaine by pulling off a miracle.

Stats courtesy of Basketball Reference.