Stephen Curry Gets Creative With This Golf Trick Shot in his House

Many professional athletes are trying to find ways to pass the time and stay busy during the coronavirus outbreak. Some athletes are tapping into their creative minds.

NBA star Stephen Curry happens to be one of those people. When Curry is not on the court, one of his favorite things to do is play golf. Since he can’t go to the courses, he’s found another way that he can still play his favorite sport outside of basketball.

Golfing at the house

Curry made sure that he was going to practice his golfing skills during this time. The state of California is on lockdown due to the coronavirus, and residents are encouraged to stay inside. So, Curry wants to make sure he makes the best of this situation.

 In a video, you see the six-time NBA All-Star practice a trick shot inside his house. His reaction when he makes the shot makes the video that much better. To see people finding ways to have fun and enjoy themselves during a time like this is good to see.

Curry went from hitting deep shots to hitting trick shots in his home. Whether he’s shooting a ball or hitting a golf ball, he knows how to have fun doing it.

When did Curry start golfing?

Curry has always had a passion for golf. He started golfing when he was a kid, and he would always go with his dad. Like basketball, Curry is serious about the game of golf whenever he is out playing. The three-time NBA champ golfed with PGA legend, Phil Mickelson. 

Curry recently helped create a golf program at Howard University, an HBCU school. He wants to make an impact in the golf community and help provide services in any way that he can. It’s great to see professional athletes give back in other sports. Curry has a six-year partnership with the golf team. Under Armour will outfit the golf teams.

“I will be involved in golf in some way, shape, or form,” Curry said. “Playing and in the business side, helping grow the game from a competitive standpoint for under-represented people, so a lot of opportunities.”

Curry’s future in golf

Though Curry is not a professional golfer, he has played in several professional and pro-am golf tournaments. Golfing more could be an option for Curry when he steps away from the game of basketball.

Curry has met a lot of people through golf and has established different connections and relationships. There are a lot of current and former athletes who golf and enjoy the opportunity to play with other athletes. During the offseason, it won’t be a surprise seeing Curry at a golf course, either playing for fun or competing in a tournament.

If Curry did not pursue his basketball career, you have to think if he would have pursued a career in golf and maybe could have made it to the PGA level. If he put in the same time and work that he does in basketball, it could have happened.