Stephen Curry Hits a Breaking Point With Fans Blaming Him for Ruining Basketball

Stephen Curry has firmly cemented his place as one of the greatest players in NBA history. He anchored the Golden State Warriors‘ championship success behind his shooting prowess from beyond the arc.

Curry has earned the reputation as arguably the greatest shooter, especially after becoming the all-time leader in three-pointers made. However, the success has come with criticism that he ruined how the game is played at the youth level.

The overwhelming negative chatter led the Warriors star guard to finally lash back toward those blaming him for ruining basketball.

Stephen Curry’s shooting dominance changed the NBA

Curry entered the NBA shrouded by doubt that he couldn’t translate his collegiate dominance to the next level.

The Davidson product dealt with nagging ankle issues early in his career, but he pushed past that. Curry became the centerpiece of a dynasty, helping guide Golden State to three NBA titles in five straight Finals appearances.

The Warriors’ sustained championship success behind embracing the three-point shot pushed the rest of the league to follow. Curry and Klay Thompson anchored that charge, fueling the seismic shift to where every team incorporates the heavy dependency on shooting from beyond the arc.

As a result, the NBA has seen an uptick in scoring due to rule changes and increased use of the three-point shot. In the 2021-22 season, 12 teams are averaging more than 110 points, while every team hoists north of 29 attempts from distance per contest.

However, the change led to backlash toward Curry for influencing the next generation of players to obsessively take three-pointers. The Warriors star guard responded to the noise, which he recently took his reply a step further.

Stephen Curry demands fans stop blaming him for ruining basketball

Curry has heard it throughout his illustrious career, from significant praise to doubt regarding his ability to become an NBA star.

Despite ascending into recognition as one of the game’s greatest players, he commonly deals with fans blaming him for changing how the game is played at the youth level. Curry’s dominance from beyond the arc has influenced many young players to mimic his 3-point shooting.

All that has led the two-time league MVP to receive his fair share of social media dealings with videos of kids taking bad shots. During a recent interview on The Knuckleheads podcast with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, Curry sent a stern message toward those blaming him for that trend.

“I’m going to use this moment to get on my soapbox,” Curry said. “Stop tagging me in all these horrible basketball clips of people taking bad shots, telling me I ruined the game. I did not tell y’all to shoot that shot.”

The three-time NBA champion is right that he didn’t tell anybody to take those terrible shots. Instead, he’s repeatedly voiced that it’s the years of perfecting his craft that allow him to excel. Curry has always preached that hard work guided him to become a lethal three-point shooter.

His tremendous popularity has influenced the next generation of basketball players, who can’t help but try to follow in his footsteps. The bottom line is Curry isn’t going to change the way he plays, and he will continue to embrace his elevated platform to impart knowledge on the youth.

Warriors star guard should be appreciated not criticized

Regardless of what Curry does from this point, he will always receive criticism.

At the same, he’s a transformative talent that forever changed the game. Although there is a heavy reliance on three-pointers, that doesn’t mean the game won’t embrace another playing style. The NBA is a copycat league, and whatever is leading to championship success, other teams will follow.

Instead of the lingering disdain, the dialogue should remain on appreciating his talent. There may never be another player like Curry again.

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