Stephen Curry Lives by a Powerful Life Lesson His Father Dell Curry Taught Him

Stephen Curry has strung together an illustrious career that will one day earn him a first-ball Hall of fame selection. Curry helped guide the Golden State Warriors toward much championship success and become one of the faces of the league. Before he began that path, he learned a powerful live lesson from his father Dell Curry.

Stephen Curry’s rise to NBA stardom

In his first decade in the league, Stephen Curry experienced a steady rise to the top as one of the game’s best talents.

Curry experienced his struggles early on in his career due to nagging ankle injuries that nearly derailed him entirely. He managed to push past those difficulties by helping form the sustainable culture that fueled the Warriors’ success.

Curry became the driving force and face of Golden State’s five-year championship run. He helped guide the team to five straight NBA Finals appearances with three NBA titles won. In the process, Curry earned the recognition as potentially the greatest shooter in NBA history behind his tremendous 3-point acumen and shot-making ability.

He holds numerous NBA records and several impressive individual feats with two regular-season MVP awards, six All-Star Game selections, and Six All-NBA Team selections. Curry learned a valuable and powerful life lesson from his father Dell Curry before he started on that pathway.

Stephen Curry lives by his father’s powerful life lesson

Unlike many of his peers in the league, Stephen Curry has had a different path to the NBA.

Curry experienced the rare benefit of being the son of a former NBA player, Dell Curry, which gave him insight concerning the league. The Warriors guard has learned plenty from his father over the years and still carries one powerful lesson that he lives by each day. (H/T In Depth with Graham Bensinger)

“I guess how to best balance the NBA life with your family. He involved us a lot with the things that he did. I’d go to appearances and see how he’d engage with fans. Always seemed to have time to sign autographs and take pictures or talk. 

“That goes a long way now that I am in NBA player in his shoes myself. How to be gracious and thankful for where he is and how to balance how much to spend on the road in his 16-year career to still raise three kids with my mom and do it the right way. You don’t take those things for granted.”

Stephen Curry saw firsthand the balance that can be achieved between family life and being an NBA player. He adapted that mind frame to his situation over the years as he and his wife, Ayesha Curry, are raising three children.

The pathway isn’t easy at times, given the tremendous commitment is required to excel in the league beyond possessing the talent. Curry has extensively utilized that powerful lesson passed down by his father that applies to his everyday life.

Family-first lifestyle


Everything We Know About Stephen Curry’s Curry Brand So Far

Since his rise to stardom, Stephen Curry has fully embraced and promoted his family-first lifestyle.

His wife, Ayesha Curry, is in the spotlight in her own regard with a cooking show and developed product lines involving her craft. Meanwhile, their family continues to grow as they have expanded to three children and share numerous personal moments through social media.

Curry’s image has become enveloped by the importance of family that includes his parents and brother Seth Curry, who currently plays with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 32-year-old has found comfort in his lane with his legacy set as arguably the greatest shooter in league history with three NBA titles along with a strong family representation.