Stephen Curry Outlined the Greatest Desire Left In His NBA Career Before He Retires

Stephen Curry has been the driving force for the Golden State Warriors throughout nearly his entire NBA career. Curry has become the face of the franchise that has guided them to lasting success. As he moves closer to the end of his current contract, the two-time league MVP lined out what may ultimately dictate his NBA Future.

Stephen Curry’s fluid contract situation with the Warriors

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Since last offseason, Stephen Curry’s long-term future with the Warriors has remained a prominent discussion.

Curry is currently in the fourth year of his five-year, $201.1 million deal that runs through the 2021-22 season. The 33-year-old had the opportunity to work out a three-year extension before the start of this campaign. Instead, he elected to push the conversation back to next offseason.

That alone has led to lingering dialogue around the matter as that decision has left open the door with his NBA future. However, Curry may have already indicated what will most impact his plans for his next contract.

Stephen Curry outlined the greatest desire left in his NBA career before he retires

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Over the last several years, Stephen Curry has become the franchise cornerstone piece in Golden State.

Curry has helped guide the Warriors to tremendous success while establishing himself as one of the game’s greatest talents. Those factors have greatly influenced his feelings toward the organization where he has spent his entire NBA career.

Before this season last December, Curry touched upon retirement, as he voiced no desire to step away anytime soon. He stated he hopes to retire “closer to his 40s.”

Beyond that, the biggest takeaway is that he holds the personal goal of playing with the Warriors for as long as he possibly can. (H/T Associated Press)

“Wearing the same jersey for as long as I can, that’s a huge goal, for sure. It’s an elite club of guys that you look at that have played with the same organization and been successful and achieved greatness in that respect,” Curry said.

“That would be an awesome accomplishment, something I’ve obviously spoken publicly about and very committed to. But that also goes with there’s a lot more to be accomplished on the court, and again I can’t fast forward to what the end is going to be. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the challenges that we have in front of us and what I have left to accomplish as a player.”

Curry has eyes on joining the likes of all-time greats Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Tim Duncan, who all play for one franchise in their careers. Given today’s NBA, that alone is a rarity as players often head to other teams to better compete for championships.

It’s a lofty goal for Curry, but one that if he keeps up his level of play, he will receive that opportunity.

NBA future remains in his hands

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The next step for Stephen Curry is putting his words into action as he has continued to express interest in staying with Golden State.

There has recently been dialogue concerning LeBron James attempting to lure him into joining the LA Lakers. Warriors General manager Bob Myers has since shot that down, stating that the reasoning for the extension delay is to work out a longer deal.

Nonetheless, there is mutual interest from both sides to work out a new contract next offseason. If Curry is truly serious about his desire to play with one franchise for his entire career, an extension with Golden State will push him that much closer to that goal.