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Thanks to his rise to NBA success, it’s almost impossible to image Stephen Curry as anything other than a star athlete knocking down three-pointers with incredible ease. Long before he found fame and fortune in the association, though, the Golden State Warriors guard was like any other kid. He had to follow his parent’s rules.

While every family handles things a bit differently, there was one specific rule that made things a bit awkward for Steph Curry during his teenage years. If he wanted to go on a date with anyone, both families had to sit down together first.

Stephen Curry has risen from an unwanted recruit to an NBA star

While the Golden State Warriors may have slipped off their pedestal atop the Western Conference, that doesn’t mean Stephen Curry is any less of an NBA star. If anything, he’s continued to step up when the franchise needs him most. The guard wasn’t always considered to be a top-tier talent, though.

As the son of Dell Curry, Steph hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps and attend Virginia Tech. The school, however, was skeptical about the guard’s relatively small size; the best they could offer him was a spot as a walk-on. That decision proved to be a major mistake.

Curry, of course, landed at Davidson University and exploded onto the college basketball scene. Foreshadowing his NBA success, the guard proved to be a deadly shooter and a prolific scorer; during his three years on campus, he singlehandedly made the Wildcats relevant.

On the back of that collegiate success, Curry entered into the 2009 NBA draft and joined the Golden State Warriors as the seventh overall pick. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t miss a beat at the professional level and continued to stuff the score sheet every night. While the Warriors might not be competing for championships right now, their guard is still one of the NBA’s top talents.

A family rule made for some awkward teenage dates

These days, Steph Curry is one of the most popular basketball players around. As a teenager, though, he wasn’t the one calling the shots; that privilege, understandably, went to his parents.

While the Currys had some fairly standard guidelines—Stephen, for example, had to go to be at the time of night that matched his grade in school—there was one notable rule. When it came to dates, things got a bit stricter.

As explained in an interview with Graham Bensinger, Curry wouldn’t be allowed to hang out with a girl unless his parents had met her parents.

“Old school, baby,” the Golden State Warriors guard explained. “I knew that was the situation, so I had to pick the right girl and obviously know the whole backstory before I initiated that whole process. … We skipped a lot of the middle ground before we got to meeting the parents. That was step one.”

Steph Curry still managed to tie the knot with his wife, Ayesha


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That rule about parental meetings probably prevented Steph Curry from going on a vast amount of dates as a teenager; if nothing else, it’s a logistical nightmare to set up a new face-to-face encounter every week. That reality, however, didn’t stop him from eventually tying the knot with his wife, Ayesha.

As explained in People, Ayesha and Stephen did meet as teenagers, but they didn’t go on a date until Curry was playing for Davidson. While that presumably meant the ‘meeting the parents’ rule had expired, there was still a family-based moment relatively early in their relationship; the Warriors star first told his now-wife that he loved her when both families were together around Christmas.

The two got married in 2011 and have been together ever since; they’ve since had three children together, too. While the Curry family rule about meeting the parents before a date might have been awkward, everything worked out in the end.