Stephen Curry Turns Up the Heat on Ben Simmons Trade Talk: ‘If You’re Not Having Those Conversations, Then You’re Not Trying’

Since the Philadelphia 76ers‘ playoff exit, star point guard Ben Simmons‘ future remains a prominent discussion. The lingering trade chatter unsurprisingly led Simmons to internally voice his desire to leave the franchise. As training camp quickly nears, Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry has stirred the pot again.

Ben Simmons’ uncertain future with the 76ers

The 76ers’ disappointing playoff exit quickly led to Simmons shouldering the bulk of the blame.

The 25-year-old became the easy target for Philadelphia’s playoff shortcomings due to his scoring struggles in the second-round series against the Atlanta Hawks. The conversation quickly transitioned to trade chatter around the three-time All-Star due to his lack of outside shooting.

Philadelphia obliged the discussions by fielding offers for Simmons, but no team matched the desired trade package. The franchise eyed securing another All-Star talent, but his stock around the league dipped significantly due to his playoff struggles. He’s currently in the second year of his five-year, $177.2 million deal that contains no player or team options.

All that pushed Simmons to take the firm stance of wanting out of Philadelphia. He’s voiced to the organization that he won’t attend training camp, creating a more problematic situation.

As the 76ers sit at a stalemate with Simmons, Stephen Curry has now created another interesting wrinkle.

Stephen Curry turns up the heat on Ben Simmons trade talk: ‘If you’re not having those conversations, then you’re not trying’

As the 76ers remain at a troubling impasse with Simmons, it’s kept trade talks prominent.

The Warriors continue to hover around as a landing spot for the 25-year-old despite the chatter around them cooling down. However, star point guard Stephen Curry stirred the pot again during a recent interview on Peacock’s Brother From Another after indicating he’s broached internal discussions in Golden State concerning possibly acquiring Simmons.

“Let’s say if you’re not having those conversations, then you’re not trying, let’s put it that way,” Curry remarked.

Curry walked the fine line of avoiding any tampering controversy, but it’s crystal clear he holds some significant interest in the Warriors adding Simmons. The Warriors fit the three-time All-Star’s desired destination as he reportedly wants to play in California.

Meanwhile, the team has hesitated to make a serious push to land Simmons due to concerns about how his playing style would mess alongside Curry. It differs significantly from the two-time league MVP due to his lack of a consistent jumper and effectiveness scoring outside the paint.

However, those aspects haven’t swayed Curry away from wanting to play with Simmons, likely due to his elite skill set as a defender and passer. Nonetheless, the comments from the star guard suggest that the Warriors may still be a viable landing spot ahead of next season.

Ben Simmons remains firm in wanting out of Philadelphia

Curry and the Warriors’ potential interest aside, the 76ers are knee-deep in a problematic situation.

Simmons clearly holds no interest in remaining with Philadelphia. He’s maintained his firm stance in staying away from the team, while his agent Rich Paul has only further anchored his client’s stance through communication with the franchise.

The 76ers may have dangled Simmons out in the trade market throughout the offseason, but the team now wants him to return. It’s likely due to the desire to improve his stock to garner more significant trade offers from other organizations.

If Simmons remains stern with staying away, it may finally push Philadelphia to bend to his stance to move him. Much could certainly change in the coming weeks ahead of the 2021-22 season, but it’s hard to envision the star point guard playing another game in a 76ers uniform.

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