Stephen Curry Twisted the Knife by Admitting He Wanted the Knicks to Draft Him: ‘Always Careful What You Wish For’

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has established himself as one of the game’s greatest players. Curry continues to add to his first-ballot Hall of Fame resume behind his sustained excellence. However, he couldn’t help himself from rubbing more little salt in the wounds for New York Knicks fans.

Stephen Curry’s illustrious NBA career with the Warriors

Through Curry’s first 12-plus seasons, he’s entirely blown past the expectations and silenced the doubters.

He’s won three NBA titles and two regular-season MVP awards, received seven All-Star selections and seven All-NBA Team nods. He’s also led the league in scoring twice while winning a pair of three-point contests. Curry holds numerous NBA records, including the most 3-pointers made in a single season (402), and become the all-time leader in made 3-pointers.

Curry has earned the reputation as arguably the greatest shooter in league history. Before he began his NBA career, he nearly saw his path head in another direction, which he remains forever grateful it didn’t.

Stephen Curry twisted the knife by admitting he wanted the Knicks to draft him: ‘Always careful what you wish for’

After an impressive collegiate career, Curry entered the 2009 NBA Draft as one of the top prospects.

Curry and his family pushed to join the Knicks in the weeks leading into the draft. However, those aspirations were gutted after the Warriors selected him with the seventh overall pick, a spot before New York.

During a recent interview with GQ Sports, Curry again voiced that he wanted to play for the Knicks and rubbed more salt into the wounds.

“I absolutely wanted to go to the Knicks. The draft was in New York, it was my dad’s birthday, June 25, 2009. He had a lot of conversations with the GM of New York at that time that he said that if I was on the board, they would pick me. So there is a lot of hype because being in New York, I thought I was going to become a New York Knick. But they say always careful what you wish for, everything happened as it was meant to be, so I’m a Warrior”

Curry may have desired to play for the Knicks, but he’s well aware of the mess he dodged. Since the 2009-10 season, New York has reached the playoffs four times, including a seven-year drought that last year’s team ended.

Meanwhile, the franchise has developed a rough reputation for mistreatment of their stars, exemplified by Carmelo Anthony’s tenure. The Knicks lacked any semblance of stability. Curry would have experienced many difficulties to thrive in that environment, especially if he experienced the ankle problem he had early in his career.

As much as he wanted to play for the Knicks, the Warriors turned out to be the right spot.

Warriors hold bright future with Stephen Curry leading the charge


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With Curry leading the way, the Warriors hold a promising future ahead.

Golden State has become one of the league’s top teams, sitting second overall in the Western Conference with a 30-9 record. Curry is putting forth another MVP-caliber campaign behind his stellar scoring.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson’s terrific performance in his much-anticipated return has amped up the NBA title chatter around the franchise. Golden State possesses a strong mixture of young and proven veteran talent that could lead them to a serious championship push.

Curry is locked into a lengthy contract after inking a four-year, $215.3 million extension that begins next season and runs through the 2025-26 campaign. He’s also highly confident that he can extend his prime several more years.

“I’ve had good juice about it coming into this season and it’s obviously showing on the court,” Curry said last March via Yahoo Sports. “My body feels great, the work I’ve put in in the offseason kind of manifested and has given me more confidence that this is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future.”

The pieces are in place for Curry and the Warriors to be in the championship window for many more years.

Contract figures courtesy of Spotrac.

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