Stephen Curry Will Piss Off Donald Trump With His National Anthem Stance

In recent months, there has been a significant increase in the push for social change across the United States. The NBA has remained at the forefront in helping those efforts, especially after the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. With that in mind, Stephen Curry has revealed what he plans to do during the national anthem next season that will surely tick off President Donald Trump.

NBA players continue to take strong stance on social issues

The last several months have seen a heightened push from the sports world toward generating social change.

The NBA has been at the forefront of the effort as its players have extensively utilized their platform to speak about the issues. The recent near-fatal shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, almost saw the players decide to cancel the rest of the playoffs.

Before and after that disappointing incident, the players have continued to remain vocal about their desire to see massive social change. Many have called for the arrest of the police officers that shot Breonna Taylor while there has been a tremendous unity behind kneeling during the national anthem. The latter has caused some strong backlash from President Donald Trump, who has continued to bash the NBA and its ratings.

Despite that, the NBA community has stayed in unison with their decisions regarding their efforts to create change. All that shouldn’t make it surprising concerning what Stephen Curry has decided what he will do.

Stephen Curry will kneel during the national anthem

Over the last couple of years, Stephen Curry has become quite vocal about where he stands on many social issues.

With that in mind, many NBA players have chosen to kneel during the national anthem since the 2019-20 season restarted in the Orlando Bubble. Curry recently discussed that topic with Kelefa Sanneh on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” show voicing that he plans to go that route next season.

“I believe so. I think it’s becoming a wildfire spreading. I applaud every single one of them for doing it. For doing it in unity.”

Curry has used his elevated platform to a more substantial extent, which has seen him delve into social issues. That has also seen him receive strong backlash from Donald Trump like many of his colleagues. The 32-year-old hasn’t backed down from his beliefs in helping his community and those negatively impacted by the ongoing social issues.

Curry’s decision will receive criticism, but it’s one that he’s committed to that choice. There will likely be many other prominent NBA players that go that route as they continue to act in unison this front.

NBA, sports world continuing to push for change


Why Do Sports Perform the National Anthem?

The NBA has been among the most vocal sports leagues concerning their push for social change. It’s an effort that will only increase in the coming weeks and months.

The players’ recent near boycott of the playoffs has forced all the NBA governors to commit to more action in their respective communities. In other words, there will be a more substantial presence from the league to help bring attention to the social issues through utilizing their influence in other realms outside of sports.

That alone should set the standard for the rest of the professional sports leagues in the United States to follow. The NFL has already seen its players become quite vocal about their desire for social change that includes sitting out games in the 2020 season. The MLB, MLS, and NHL will also take more definitive paths to use their elevated platforms to create change.

The NBA will continue to lead the charge, with its players remaining vocal in demanding action to stop social injustice.