Stephen Curry’s Tattoos: What They Mean and Who Tattoos Them

Steph Curry is in the midst of a tough year with the Golden State Warriors, but he’s still one of the most popular and recognizable figures in the NBA today. Curry’s story is a great one — branded too small to compete on the highest level in college basketball, he went to Davidson and took the nation by storm. Now as a professional basketball player, he’s won two MVP awards and three NBA championships. 

Curry’s story is certainly unique, and another unique aspect of the player are his various tattoos. Each one has a different meaning to Curry. What are his tattoos and what do they mean?

The NBA and Stephen Curry’s history with tattoos 

Tattoos are a significant part of NBA culture — a large number of NBA players have tattoos. Allen Iverson popularized the practice in NBA circles to the point where now it’s almost weird to see an NBA player without them now.

Some players like to go all out — images of Dennis Rodman or Chris “Birdman” Anderson with their covered arms and neck tattoos come to mind — but Curry has more of an understated approach. He doesn’t get many tattoos, but the ones he does get are full of significance and meaning. 

The meaning of Stephen Curry’s tattoos 

Curry is a big fan of tattoos to the point where the subject of his college thesis was about athletes and the tattoos they get. Curry currently has four. Each one has a deeper meaning to Curry and his family. Here’s what each one means: 

Right wrist

On his right wrist, Stephen Curry has a tattoo of a Hebrew passage from 1 Corinthians 13:8 in the New Testament translating to “Love never fails.” His wife, Ayesha, has the same tattoo. Curry isn’t Jewish, but his mother reportedly studied Hebrew in college.

Left wrist

Curry has a tattoo that reads “TCC 30” on his left wrist. The TCC stands for “Trust, Commitment, and Care.” The 30 is his jersey number with the Warriors. 

Left bicep

On Curry’s left bicep, he has a tattoo of a “greater than” symbol next to a “less than” symbol, appearing like this: ><. It represents the verse from John 3:30 that reads “He must become greater; I must become less.” Curry’s wife Ayesha also has this tattoo, and here was her commentary on it: 

“My new little reminder is to be present. We get so wrapped up in what needs to happen next that we forget to enjoy the beauty of what’s happening right NOW. Right here, right now. Enjoy the blessings you already have.”

Right bicep

Curry has a tattoo on his right bicep of the letters WOE, which stands for “Working on Excellence.” For a player with the work ethic of Curry, the meaning of this should be fairly evident. His multiple MVPs and championships show that his work has paid off. 

The Stephen Currys make getting tattoos a family affair

Stephen Curry received one of the tattoos listed above — his right wrist tattoo, with his family in attendance. The Currys celebrated the Warriors’ 2017 championship with a family tattoo session, according to The Mercury News

“Stephen Curry reportedly celebrated the Warriors’ second NBA title in three years with a new piece of ink.

Curry and his family had a private tattoo session Tuesday night at his home, TMZ reported, and the Golden State superstar decided on another set of Hebrew letters. The meaning of the new tat is not known — though considering the Hebrew he has on his right wrist, it’s easy to guess Curry chose another Biblical reference.”

The tattoos were drawn by Bay Area tattoo artist Nino Lapid. It’s clear that Curry’s faith and family drive his decision-making on what tattoos to get. He may not get a lot of them, but the ones he does get are clearly meaningful to him.