Stephen Jackson Fired a Gun in a Strip Club Parking Lot to Protect Himself

Stephen Jackson had a few incidents that he got in during his NBA career. One of the most memorable ones is the “Malice at the Palace,” when the Indiana Pacers got into it with some of the Detroit Pistons’ fans and players.

But Jackson had some other incidents that he got into off the court. One of those involved him using a gun.

An overview of Stephen Jackson’s NBA career

Jackson played in the NBA for 14 seasons. He played for eight different teams throughout his career. During his career, he won an NBA championship playing with the San Antonio Spurs. Jackson played an important role on that championship team that featured Hall of Fame player David Robinson and new Hall of Fame inductee Tim Duncan.

Jackson started to become more of a scorer during the middle part of his career. In his early years, he would come off the bench. The teams that he played for started to see the value he had and put him in the starting lineup. He averaged 20 points in back-to-back seasons with the Golden State Warriors from 2007 to 2009.

Jackson’s best scoring season came during the 2009-10 season with the Charlotte Bobcats. He started in 72 games and averaged 21.1 points per game. Jackson made six playoff appearances and came out a champion in his first appearance. In 2015, Jackson announced his retirement from the NBA. Two years later, he joined the BIG3 basketball league and played alongside Chauncey Billups and Charles Oakley.

Stephen Jackson’s incident at the strip club

In 2006 there were police reports that Jackson and three other Pacers players were involved in an argument with several people at a strip club in Indianapolis. It was reported that Jackson was punched by one of the patrons and hit by a car. He suffered minor injuries. While the incident occurred, Jackson said he fired several gunshots from his gun as self-defense.

Jackson was charged on October 11, 2006, with a felony count of criminal recklessness, and he served a seven-game suspension at the beginning of the 2007-08 NBA season. The incident was quickly prevented from getting out of hand.

Stephen Jackson describes the strip club incident on his podcast

Jackson has a podcast along with former NBA player Matt Barnes called “All The Smoke.” During one episode, he decided to talk about what happened in 2006 at the strip club. “By the time I get over there, it’s like we about to fight, so I hit one of them with my pistol. We get to fighting, more dudes come up out the club,” Jackson said as he was describing the incident. “Somebody got in their car and sized me up in the parking lot and hit me going about 35-40 miles per hour – Boom! Knocked me in the air, I hit the ground… my face just hitting the ground, I stand up all my teeth gone, my lips’ shattered.”

All of this happened a week before the 2006 NBA season was about to tip-off. Luckily for Jackson, he did not face any serious injuries when he was hit by the car. One thing to know about Jackson is that he’s not going to back down from anything or anyone.