Steve Kerr Ranks Kevin Durant Ahead of Michael Jordan

Steve Kerr has had a unique journey through the NBA over the last three decades. Kerr has gone through tremendous experiences as a player and coach that helped him leave an everlasting mark on the league. It has also provided him a unique perspective, which he led to him to voice that believes Kevin Durant sits ahead of Michael Jordan in one regard.

Steve Kerr’s NBA resume

Over the last three decades, Steve Kerr has had a tremendous journey through the NBA as a player and coach.

During his playing days, Kerr found some great success behind shooting ability. From an individual standpoint, he is currently the all-time leader for the highest 3-point percentage (45.4%) and held the mark for the highest 3-point percentage at 52.4% in a single season until Kyle Korver broke it in 2010.

Kerr found some massive team success later in his career as he won three NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls in their second three-peat. He finished his career with the San Antonio Spurs, where he won a pair of titles before he retired. Kerr had a brief stint as the Phoenix Suns general manager before broadcasting games for TNT.

Following that, he got an opportunity to coach the Golden State Warriors and further hone them into the league’s top team. That saw them reach five straight NBA Finals with three championships. Kerr has racked up eight total NBA titles during his time as a coach and player. All that provides him with a unique perspective of the NBA.

Steve Kerr believes Kevin Durant is the most talented player

Steve Kerr’s path through the NBA has put him around some of the game’s greatest players.

He has had the chance to play alongside Michael Jordan during his last few years with the Bulls. Meanwhile, he has coached Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant in Golden State. With that in mind, Kerr recently voiced to told Logan Murdock of The Ringer. that he believes Durant is the most talented player that he’s ever seen.

“I would say Kevin (Durant) is … when you factor in everything, size, speed, athleticism, I think he’s the most talented basketball player I’ve ever seen in my life.”

It’s no shot at Jordan but instead highlighting the totality of the player that Durant has become. He’s standing at nearly seven feet while possessing a point guard’s ball-handling with elite shooting and scoring ability. Many have also labeled Durant as potentially the greatest scorer in league history.

He has maxed out his potential that has seen him become a franchise-changing talent. When healthy, Durant is an unguardable matchup on the floor, making that aspect more unique with his size. That doesn’t remove Jordan from being regarded as the game’s greatest player. Still, the overall package with the skill set, physical capability, and size makes it hard for Kerr to put him over Durant as the most talented.

Nets eyeing a bright future ahead


Steve Kerr Is the Last NBA Player to Accomplish Something Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant Couldn’t Do

Kevin Durant has moved into the next chapter of his career with the Brooklyn Nets.

Durant is coming back from a career-changing injury that could impact how he plays significantly. The Nets have been entirely patient with the situation as they have allowed him to have the entire 2019-20 season to heal properly.

The former Finals MVP is well on track to return next season with a chance to recapture his elite form. His tenure with Brooklyn is also an opportunity to add another unique section to his legacy with a potential title run alongside Kyrie Irving. Durant could be set to do something special with the Nets in the coming years.