Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Biggest Regret During His WWE Career

Throughout much of his career, Stone Cold Steve Austin established himself as one of the business’s all-time greats. His persona and often anti-establishment antics helped him become a crowd favorite and one of the biggest superstars that the WWE has ever had. However, his career wasn’t always filled with the best situations as he suffered several injuries along the way, while there were many questionable decisions made. With that in hindsight, Austin made one choice that he believes was the biggest mistake he made during his career.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE career

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Before he told the moniker Stone Cold, it was “Stunning” Steve Austin through his first few years with WCW from 1991 to 1995.

He had also taken the name The Ringmaster when he joined the then-WWF but underwent an entire rebranding that saw him come out with the name Stone Cold Steve Austin. From that point on, Austin gathered significant traction in the business as his brash persona and incredible microphone skills helped lift to the top in the late 1990s to the early 2000s as one of the company’s faces.

He had drawn a great deal of support from the fans regardless if he was a babyface or heel as his vulgar along with his beer-drinking paired with is antihero character lifted him to great heights. However, there were a few slip-ups during that path that has Austin still regretting one decision he made.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s biggest regret

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Stone Cold Steve Austin has risen to absolute stardom in the WWE as one of the business’s faces.

That garnered him plenty of drawing power in the ring with the ability to help raise his opponents to grander popularity. However, there was one situation involving an upcoming star in Brock Lesnar that Austin still regrets not allowing himself to lose to him. (H/T

“My biggest regret is when I walked out on Brock Lesnar in Atlanta,” Austin said in regards to his tumultuous stretch in 2002. “I’d worked with [Ric] Flair in a cage the night before in Columbus, Georgia, and had a blast because he’s my all-time favorite pro wrestler. Then, all of a sudden, I get the creative that they want me to do the favors for Brock in a non-advertised, qualifying match for some bull—- thing.

“I disagreed with it. I never like to blow smoke up my ass, but guys like myself, like Hogan, and a few others, they don’t grow on trees. So you want to sacrifice what you’ve built up in me? And with no buildup? But that walk out was still total stupidity and hard-headedness on my part. I should have shown up, and that is my biggest regret in the business of pro wrestling. Life is hard, and it’s even harder when you’re dumb. Sometimes you go through life and make mistakes, but the goal is to learn from your mistakes the first time and move on down the road.”

Austin was still at the peak of his popularity but allowed his ego to get in the way. It was a match that didn’t happen as the two never got to face each other. It would have done Lesnar a great service to help him move to the top as one of the biggest stars in the business.

What could have been for Stone Cold Steve Austin

It’s one of those what could have been situations as it could have created a hugely entertaining match.

Although it was near the end of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wrestling career, it could have seen him engage in an incredible program. Nonetheless, it doesn’t put a damper on his career as he had many memorable rivalries with The Rock, Triple H, Brett Hart, and The Undertaker over the years.

It’s all nails down to one of those what could have been situations that could have added another chapter to Austin’s career.