Paul Pierce Says LeBron James Isn’t Even a Top-5 NBA Player of All Time

Most NBA fans debate Michael Jordan and LeBron James as the two greatest NBA players ever, but Paul Pierce doesn’t have James in his top 5.

Jack Dougherty  •  20 May 2020
Paul Pierce Has the Craziest Idea to Finish the NBA Season

Paul Pierce believes the NBA should finish its season by playing at the most unlikely of locations: Area 51. Is The Truth on to something?

Stephen Sheehan  •  09 Apr 2020
Remembering the Time Paul Pierce Failed Miserably in a High School Dunk Contest

Paul Pierce was an NBA legend for the Boston Celtics, but he was involved in a dunk contest in high school that he probably doesn’t want anyone to see.

Jack Dougherty  •  23 Mar 2020
Paul Pierce Carried Gun Ready to Kill for Two Years After Stabbing Incident

In 2000, after Paul Pierce was stabbed in a nightclub incident, the Celtics star recently admitted he carried a gun for two years and was ready to kill if necessary.

Kyle Dalton  •  21 Mar 2020
7 NBA Players Who Hate Paul Pierce — and 1 Who Loves Him

Paul Pierce has made a name for himself for all the wrong reasons. But which NBA players hated the Former Boston Celtic the most?

Darrelle Thompson  •  02 Aug 2019