Tennis Star Roger Federer Eats Just Like the Rest of Us

Roger Federer is 38 years old and remains one of the best tennis players in the world. When one thinks about player of his stature being as good as he is for as long as he has, they might assume that he is living his entire life in a carefully controlled diet to go with his strenuous workouts. However, in a recent profile in Business Insider, we saw that Federer isn’t out here drinking protein shakes and raw eggs for every meal, but meals that are not unlike ones the average person craves and eats. 

A Roger Federer breakfast

Roger Federer tries to start his day off sweet, enjoying homemade waffles with fruit on top of them. If this sounds like the typical meal that someone may eat at their favorite breakfast spot, his juice and coffee double down on that. Not everything on Federer’s breakfast plate is on the menu at your local Denny’s, however. While Federer washes down his meal with normal drinks, there is also a shot of vinegar involved. 

That may sound sour and unappetizing, but there are actual health benefits. According to Well and Good, vinegar, specifically apple cider vinegar, can help with everything from skincare to headaches, digestive issues, and dietary processes inside the body. It makes perfect sense that Federer would partake, especially when you see what he eats before a game.

Plentiful pasta

For the less-active eater, pasta may seem like an unhealthy but delicious vice that’s filled with carbs and covered in a potentially fatty sauce, but Federer has been eating pasta with a light sauce for over 20 years. On paper, that may seem like somebody with a crazy metabolism simply enjoying a bowl of noodles because they can, but in the active sport of tennis, loading up on carbs has benefits. 

Carbs are energy. Carbs are vital for everyone in moderation, and NearSay profiles all of their benefits. They act as fuel for the body, and when someone may be out there on the court for hours, they need all the fuel they can get. In a world with Keto and Atkin’s diets villainizing carbohydrates, it is easy to forget that there are proven dietary benefits for those who eat them correctly. Federer will also eat bananas, snack bars, and drink energy drinks to keep up his energy. 

World cuisine

Roger Federer is a star tennis player and supreme athlete, but his diet isn't that different from the rest of us.
Roger Federer has a soft spot for Italian, Japanese, and Indian cuisine. | Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Federer appears to have an eclectic palate, professing his love for Italian, Japanese, and Indian cuisine. The Italian should not be a surprise to anyone who knows about his pasta habit, and as a well-to-do tennis player who gets to travel around the world and eat its many offerings, his love of international cuisine should be no surprise.

When Federer was in Scotland, he got to taste a local delicacy cooked by none other than Andy Murray’s grandmother, who sent him a tin of shortbread biscuits along with a note. 

Roger Federer’s stance on dairy

The Swiss tennis superstar also has a soft spot for cheese and other dairy products. He particularly loves fonduta, a creamy cheese sauce that can be enjoyed with bread or other dippable ingredients. Also on his plate is raclette, a cheese that is melted and scraped onto a plate. 

Federer’s love for dairy also appeases his sweet tooth. He declared his love for chocolate ice cream in 2017, claiming that he knows he can get away with treating himself because he has an active lifestyle.

Athletes may be physically amazing specimens, but it doesn’t mean that they are all living every moment away from the same culinary vices we all have. They enjoy an ice cream cone just as much as all of us do.