Terrell Owens Reveals a Shocking Story About Donovan McNabb During Super Bowl 39

The relationship between Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb has been (and is) tense. Both players haven’t been in the NFL for nearly a decade and still haven’t settled the simmering beef between them. It doesn’t look like they are going to squash that beef anytime soon. 

Owens was a guest on Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories series, where they uncover unique stories about NFL players during their heyday. The Hall of Fame receiver took this opportunity to reveal a surprising story about McNabb that took place during Super Bowl weekend.

Donovan McNabb takes a shot at Terrell Owens

Before T.O. made his appearance, McNabb was on Untold Stories during their first season. McNabb talked about his time with the Eagles, specifically the 2004 season where they made the Super Bowl. Then the subject of his and Owen’s relationship came up in conversation. That is when the Syracuse alum took some shots at Owens.

McNabb discussed the offseason leading up to the 2005 season. That was offseason where Terrell Owens made headlines because of his off the field actions. During the Untold Stories episode, McNabb explained how dealing with those distractions affected the team that year.

“You know, he [Owens] is doing situps, he doing pushups, he playing basketball, he ordering pizza for the people out there, and we sitting there in training camp like ‘you got to be kidding me,’” said McNabb per Bleacher Report

He also added that Owens’s situation during camp that year is what broke up that Eagles team. When asked how his relationship with T.O. is now, McNabb said, “I give a nice peace sign and keep it movin’…He’s made a few comments as of late. That’s cool with me.”

T.O tweeted a response to the show’s host Master Tesfatsion when the McNabb episode aired. He now had his time on Untold Stories and unearthed a surprising story about McNabb’s activities before Super Bowl 39.

Terrell Owens says Donovan McNabb was out drinking before Super Bowl 39

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Terrell Owens made it clear that he was there to do more talking than playing pool on Untold Stories. Tesfatsion wasted no time, allowing Owens to give his reaction to Donvan McNabb’s comments on the show back in January. “I thought it was bush league,” Owens said per Bleacher Report. He was referring to McNabb’s remarks about how he was the reason behind the Eagles falling apart.

When the conversation switched to Super Bowl 39, Owens brought up the story about McNabb throwing up in the huddle. McNabb refuted this story back in January, but T.O. doubled down on his stance. “There are guys, and I know that there are teammates that I have talked to recently that said they saw him throw up in the huddle,” Owens said. 

The next piece of information Owens dropped supports his story and reveals that McNabb was drinking prior to the big game. “I’ve talked to teammates since then and know for a fact that he was out the night before [the Super Bowl]. There were people that saw him out the night before, said he was drinking, and I think that contributed to him throwing up in the huddle,” Owens said.

T.O. also brought up McNabb’s conditioning issues throughout his career, saying that also could’ve played a factor in him vomiting during the game. “I felt like that was irresponsible…you’re out the night before the biggest game of your career. You’re out drinking and what have you and then that maybe contributed to him throwing up in the huddle, “ Owens said. 

Terrell Owens details his relationship with Donovan McNabb

Owens discussed his current relationship with McNabb, saying that he has tried to mend things with him. He also said that McNabb “advocated for Brian Westbrook’s contract,” but not his. Owens also added that McNabb couldn’t beat Rex Grossman when he was with the Washington Football Team.

As the show continued, Terrell Owens continued to talk about his time in Philadelphia. He spoke about one of his most famous moments, working out in front of his house after being sent home by former Eagles coach Andy Reid. Owens explained that he was sent home because Reid and Owens had a “disagreement.” 

When the media asked him questions that day, Owens revealed he had some assistance answering them. 

“If you look at that clip, I got an earpiece in my ear. I had my publicist on the line. And she’s hearing everything that was going on. So she’s hearing the questions and basically telling me what to say,” Owens said. 

Terrell Owens didn’t hold back anything on Untold Stories. His recent comments could mean he and McNabb will never have a day of reconciliation.