Terrell Owens Rips Jerry Jones For His Public Silence

Throughout his Hall of Fame career and well beyond it, Terrell Owens hasn’t been shy about his feelings. Owen is one of the most outspoken professional athletes that have, in many instances, got him in trouble over his career because of the comments he has made. Over the last few years, he has honed in on criticizing longtime Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over various issues concerning the team. However, Owen’s latest tiff with Jones has to do with his action regarding something much more than any football decision.

Terrell Owens has history of criticizing Jerry Jones

In the last few years, Terrell Owens hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinion concerning the Cowboys.

That has seen him send plenty of verbal shots at Jerry Jones for his decision-making regarding the team. That has ranged from keeping Jason Garrett as the head coach as long as he did to the necessity to pay star running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Owens may have spent only three seasons with the franchise, but he strongly connects with the organization and the fan base. His comments over the years have never reached the point of him launching into Jones’ character or any other aspect aside from his decision-making regarding the team.

The Hall of Famer has once again criticized the Cowboys owner, but this time it doesn’t involve the franchise or even the game of football.

Terrell Owens puts Jerry Jones on blast again

There has been a significant push for social change over the last few weeks after the tragic passing of George Floyd following mistreatment by the police.

That has led to the outpouring push significant change in the United States that has long mistreated the Black community. Many prominent NFL players have seen many other professional athletes use their platforms to advocate for change across the globe. That has notably seen Jerry Jones stay quiet throughout this trying time in the country.

That didn’t take long for Terrell Owens to voice his disgruntlement with the situation as he chimed on the entire disappointing noose situation involving Nascar driver Bubba Wallace. Owens took to Twitter to state that Jones has chosen to stay quiet to maintain his relationship with President Donald Trump while only caring about black lives if they help his team win a Super Bowl.

That is a powerful statement from the former star wide receiver, but it’s publicly known that Jones has a strong standing relationship with Trump. At the same time, his opposing of kneeling during the national anthem only ring the latter portion of that sentiment louder. Owens’ anger cut through to the point that Jones isn’t using his platform, and his influence helps further the cause for social change.

Will Jerry Jones end his public silence?


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It’s hard to argue against Terrell Owens’ stance on the situation as Jerry Jones’ track record certainly speaks for itself.

Since then, Cowboys Pro Bowl defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence has come out to speak on the issue that he had no problem with Jones’ silence. That has received some backlash as the lack of any public statement or action from the team’s owner has shown no support for the many black players in the league and the black community.

Much can be done that could help bring more attention to that cause, and having Jerry Jones’ voice or support could help provide another step in the right direction. However, his silence speaks more volumes about where he potentially stands in the entire matter. Until Jones does anything, he will continue to face backlash like he has from Owens and many others.