Terry Bradshaw Bluntly Dishes Out the Truth to Patriots Fans: ‘The Only Reason Tom Brady Isn’t in New England is Because They Didn’t Want Him in New England’

Tom Brady is set to play his first game as an opposing player at Gillette Stadium against the New England Patriots. The Week 4 matchup has brought forth renewed attention toward Brady‘s departure from New England. It led Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw to bluntly voice why the star quarterback is no longer in a Patriots uniform.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick built a dynasty with the Patriots

Brady spent the first two decades of his illustrious career with the Patriots, where he experienced unmatched success.

His pairing alongside Belichick saw the franchise become the NFL gold standard. The Patriots experienced tremendous heights with six Super Bowl wins in nine appearances, played in the AFC championship game 13 times, and secured 17 AFC East division titles.

Although Brady’s departure came to a disappointing closure, the star quarterback took the high road, voicing appreciation for his time in New England.

“Twenty years of being there, obviously he was a great mentor for me,’ Brady said. via Pro Football Talk. “And, yes, there’s definitely great lessons I’ve learned from him. He’s a great football coach. And he does a great job for his team. And, any player, I think they would just hope their coaches give them everything they got. I’m sure every great coach wants every player to give them everything they got. I think that’s what makes a great relationship.”

The 44-year-old continues to speak highly of time in New England, but a Hall of Famer laid it out exactly why the star quarterback is no longer in a Patriots’ uniform.

Terry Bradshaw bluntly dishes out the truth to Patriots fans: ‘The only reason Tom Brady isn’t in New England is because they didn’t want him in New England’

Brady hasn’t aired sentiment that he holds any lingering dismay without how his Patriots’ tenure ended. However, it’s no secret that he strongly desired to remain with the franchise for his entire career.

Hours before the Week 4 matchup on Sunday night between the Buccaneers and the Patriots, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw bluntly stated on the Fox NFL pregame show why he believes Brady isn’t playing for the Patriots anymore.

“The only reason Tom Brady isn’t in New England is because they didn’t want him in New England,” Bradshaw said.

Since Brady departed from the Patriots, the conversation remains fixated on his relationship with Belichick. Although both sides chose to brush aside concern regarding the internal issues, the problem sat with the team’s lack of a long-term commitment to the star quarterback.

Brady never aired a desire to leave the franchise, but the team didn’t present a scenario where he felt he held firm job security. Although he continued to lead the franchise to sustained success, the doubt remained regarding his ability to perform as a highly effective quarterback as he moved through his 40s.

All that has painted the picture that Belichick didn’t want to have Brady as the long-term fixture. Instead, he hoped to keep it as a year-by-year commitment. These factors eventually guided the star quarterback to explore his options to play for another franchise provided him the stability that the Patriots no longer offered under Belichick.

Ready to stick it to the Patriots again

Since the NFL released the 2021 schedule, Brady‘s first return to Foxborough has been circled as a primetime matchup.

The 44-year-old has publicly underplayed the game’s personal significance. Brady may not want to shine more public light than necessary, but it’s clear this game holds plenty of meaning.

He will embrace the entire experience, but his focus lies directly with grabbing the win over his former team. As much he won’t acknowledge it publicly, it’s another sticking point to prove to Belichick and the Patriots that they made the mistake of letting him go.

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