Terry Bradshaw Can’t Seem to Sell His $10.8 Million Oklahoma Ranch: ‘It’s a Very Sentimental Thing’

From afar, being a multi-millionaire celebrity seems like it involves nothing but perks. In the case of current broadcaster and retired NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw, this lies in his 744-acre Quarter Horses Ranch in Southern Oklahoma, equipped with every luxury you’d need. However, the flip side of this expensive property is how hard it is to find a buyer. Bradshaw learned this the hard way.

Terry Bradshaw’s Quarter Horses Ranch

.The property that the Bradshaw’s house sits on is downright impressive, details Icon Global. Always an outdoorsy sort, Quarter Horses Ranch fulfills all the possible desires that one with similar interests could want. With eight lakes and ponds as well as the Red River, Bradshaw can do nearly any water-based activities.

Football isn’t the family’s only sport of choice. Channeling his daughter’s passion, the property boasts several equestrian facilities, from a 20-stall barn to a 50-stall mare barn. The facility also boasts a breeding area where the horses can make the Bradshaw family richer with its offspring. 

A barbed-wire fence surrounds the property, which is perfect for hikes, ATVing, and horseback riding. Inside the house is even more impressive.

The Bradshaw house

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Bradshaw was one of the most successful NFL players to truly capitalize on his image in a way that made him not just a star in football households, but well beyond them, too. As a result, everything on his property is impressive, expensive, and hard for the average person to imagine.

According to the LA Times, the main house, which features 8,600 square feet, six bedrooms, and the aforementioned pool, is a multi-purpose haven for whatever the Bradshaw family wants to do at a given time. The massive house has a built-in office for whoever needs to work at home.

Still, when the family feels like entertaining outsiders, the 1,000 square-foot patio outside features a fully-stocked kitchen where everyone can cook, eat, and unwind as the Bradshaw family entertains them. The house may sit on rural land, but it is enviable to even the deepest-pocketed people on the planet with so much to promise. Why, then, is Bradshaw having a hard time selling his beloved ranch? 

Struggling to sell

With Bradshaw traveling across the country due to his interests across the spectrum, he doesn’t always have time to sit around his massive property and enjoy the fruits of his labor. While owning such a property could be enviable too many, it’s become too much for Bradshaw.

Despite Bradshaw remaining tight-lipped over how much he has invested into the property, which he helped plan from the ground up, it’s believed to be in the millions. Now, Bradshaw asks for $11 million, citing his inability to stick around the ranch as the driving reason. 

“I have way too much going on,” Bradshaw told the Dallas Business Journal. “It’s a very sentimental thing. It’s hard to sell something you started from scratch, but it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.”

It is the second time that Bradshaw has tried to sell the property. Despite its enviable location and perks, there have been no takers. Properties like that, which are made in their owners’ vision, appease a niche group of buyers. Time will tell if Bradshaw can move the property. However, if he does, the buyer will have a massive property.