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Terry Bradshaw loves to talk. He’s good at it. The longtime Fox Sports NFL analyst makes his living with his mouth these days after winning four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers in his Hall of Fame career.

Sometimes when Bradshaw gets going verbally, there’s no stopping him. A year ago, he lashed out at Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, publicly calling him a liar over his vaccination status. This week, he had a new rant target — Walmart.

Terry Bradshaw wasn’t shy about calling out Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback Terry Bradshaw of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on from the sideline before a game against the New England Patriots at Three Rivers Stadium on September 27, 1981, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. | George Gojkovich/Getty Images.

Bradshaw spent 14 years in the NFL after the Steelers made him the No. 1 pick in the 1970 NFL Draft. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and earned MVP honors in 1978 after leading the league in touchdown passes with 28.

Bradshaw retired from the NFL after the 1983 season and wasted no time in starting his broadcasting career. Bradshaw signed with CBS in 1984, serving as a game analyst. He joined Fox NFL Sunday in 1994 and has remained with the network since.

Last year, he made headlines by ripping Rodgers, who misled everyone when asked if he was vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Yeah, I’m immunized,” Rodgers infamously said. We later learned Rodgers was unvaccinated, and Bradshaw let him have it.

“I’ll give Aaron Rodgers some advice,” Bradshaw said on the air, per The Sporting News. “It would have been nice if he had just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone. I understand ‘immunized.’ What you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19. You got COVID-19.

“Ivermectin is a cattle dewormer. Sorry, folks, that’s what it is. We are a divided nation politically. We are a divided nation on the COVID-19, whether or not to take the vaccine. And unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves. And I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.”

Bradshaw unleashes on Walmart in TikTok video


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Bradshaw didn’t hold back when speaking about Rodgers. He had another nice little rant this week, this time blasting Walmart. He took his frustration with the company to TikTok while driving with his family.

In the video, Bradshaw said his granddaughter was supposed to get a bike as a reward for participating in the Palomino Horse Breeders of America World Horse Show at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. He had a beef with the Walmart in Springfield and let everyone know.

“We couldn’t get anyone to wait on us at the store,” Bradshaw said. “We stopped three people (and) asked them, ‘Would you help us buy this bike?’ We picked it out, and we even eventually got it down from the top just by trial and error. We got nobody to help us.”

Bradshaw said he finally hunted down an employee who called customer service. Nobody came to help. The former quarterback even noted that nobody in the store helped his wife get a hairdryer out of the locked case.

“Nobody would wait on her to buy a simple hair dryer,” Bradshaw said.

He ended the video by telling his viewers not to shop there.

“If you live in Springfield, Illinois, and want to buy some stuff, don’t go to Walmart,” Bradshaw said. “Go to Target, go to Home Depot (and) see if the service isn’t a little better there. I’m shocked that these people make billions of dollars each year and the service is so bad.”

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