Terry Bradshaw’s Net Worth Is Probably More Than You Think

Winning four Super Bowls with the Steelers, Terry Bradshaw was one of the best quarterbacks of his generation. But he played in an era before NFL players started to get the massive contracts that star quarterbacks earn now. Bradshaw didn’t make nearly as much as players like Tom Brady and Russell Wilson do today.

Bradshaw has, however, enjoyed a lengthy media career since he retired in 1983. This has earned him a lot of money and given him a net worth that’s likely much higher than you’d expect.

Terry Bradshaw’s playing career

Bradshaw ended his NFL career with just under 29,000 yards and 212 touchdowns in 168 games, including 158 starts. He led the league in touchdown passes twice, including when he threw a career-high 28 in 1978, the year he was named the league’s MVP.

While those stats may not seem impressive based on today’s standards, quarterbacks in Bradshaw’s time didn’t put up the numbers they do now because the NFL wasn’t such a pass-heavy league in the ’70s.

One of Bradshaw’s stats that does hold up to today’s standards is his four Super Bowl rings, which is the third-most in league history and second among quarterbacks, behind only Brady’s six championships.

Bradshaw’s post-playing career

Although he’s been retired for almost four decades, Bradshaw is still an integral part of the NFL’s media landscape. He began his broadcasting career as a game analyst for CBS in 1984, just months after retiring.

Bradshaw moved to the network’s studio show in 1990 and stayed there until CBS lost its NFL rights package to Fox following the 1993 season. He moved over to Fox Sports upon its 1994 debut and has been part of that network’s studio crew ever since.

The former NFL pro is currently in his 25th season with Fox and 35th season overall as a network broadcaster. He’s also had guest-starring roles in many TV shows and has appeared in movies like The Cannonball Run and Failure to Launch.

Terry Bradshaw’s net worth

Because he played so long ago, there isn’t much reliable information about how much money Bradshaw made during his playing career. He reportedly made around $470,000 in the final season of his career, a fraction of the $27.5 million that Vikings QB Kirk Cousins is making this season, as an example.

But the 71-year-old Hall of Famer makes up for it with his broadcasting career, as Bradshaw’s annual salary is reportedly in the $2 million range. He’s also made money from endorsements, like Nutrisystem, Tide, and Ford, as well as investing in real estate.

The former QB once lost $900,000 when he sold all of the properties he owned in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico. This ended up being “the smartest investment decision” Bradshaw ever made, according to his financial adviser. He’d sold the properties right before a recession, which would’ve devalued the real estate and cost him a lot of money.

Bradshaw also buys and sells multimillion-dollar airplanes in a similar way that some people flip houses. He says he’s been at it “a long time” and “jets don’t scare [him] at all,” even when he spends $4 million or $5 million on one. When you consider everything, Bradshaw has an estimated net worth of $15 million. Imagine how much it could’ve been if teams doled out today’s massive contracts during his playing career.