Texas A&M Head Coach Buzz Williams Rips Apart NCAA Tournament Selection Committee After Egregious Snub: ‘It Disgusts Me’

The NCAA Tournament is unlike any other sporting event. The raw emotion from one team to another is unmatched. Buzzer-beaters send programs to the next round, leaving the others in absolute heartbreak. The college athletes give it their all in hopes of playing one more game, and sometimes stars are made in March as a ton of NBA scouts flock to watch the best players in college basketball.

With all of that comes those on the outside looking in. When the brackets are revealed on Selection Sunday — which is Christmas Day for bracketologists and college hoops fans everywhere — the snubs are always left wondering what if.

What if we won one more game? What if we made those free throws down the stretch?

This year, one of the biggest snubs is Texas A&M. The Aggies certainly had a valid case to crack the Field of 68 and see their name on one of the regions. Yet, the Selection Show came and went without Texas A&M being called.

In a bit of a consolation prize, they received an invitation to the NIT and walked easily past Alcorn State in the opener on Tuesday night. After the game, Aggies head coach Buzz Williams spoke for the first time since the snub, and he delivered one of the most powerful speeches in recent memory.

Texas A&M head coach Buzz Williams rips apart the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee

After the Aggies defeated Alcorn State, Williams walked up to the podium, took a sip of water, and rattled off nearly eight minutes of powerful words.

It was the first time he addressed the NCAA Tournament snub, and it is safe to say he was more than prepared and didn’t hold back one bit (h/t Andrew Hattersley of 247Sports).

“Our players and staff earned a right to play in the greatest tournament in the world and it disgusts me in a way I can’t articulate that the system and the adults in it prohibited that from happening because several in our program will never have that opportunity again.”

Texas A&M head coach Buzz Williams

Williams’ statement was well-prepared, emotional, honest, and many other things. The veteran head coach did not hold back and was deeply saddened by the overlook of his program — and not for himself, but for the players, the families, and his coaching staff.

The Aggies head coach was more than prepared and did extensive research

Since Selection Sunday, Williams was hard at work preparing — and not so much for Alcorn State.

Instead, Williams was doing a deep dive into the NCAA Tournament field and compared the Aggies resume with other programs who got in. Some programs that got at-large bids over Texas A&M include Wyoming, Rutgers, Indiana, and Notre Dame, to name a few.

When compared side by side, it is even more questionable why Texas A&M got snubbed. Sure, the Aggies lost eight straight from the middle of January to the middle of February, but four of those losses came against ranked teams (LSU, Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee).

After that, they defeated Alabama, Auburn, and Arkansas before falling to the Volunteers in the SEC title game. The Aggies also had a non-conference victory against Notre Dame back in November.

Yet, somehow, they missed out on the field, and Williams still can’t believe it.

“We found out Sunday afternoon that those numbers weren’t good enough to be invited as an at-large team. We were and are completely devasted and heartbroken. Sad is the wrong word because it doesn’t completely express the totality of our emotions.”

Buzz Williams

There are simply no words to describe that feeling, and many national analysts believed that Texas A&M should have been in the tourney.

Yes, Texas A&M is easily the biggest oversight of the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee once again shows its flaws and Texas A&M is the latest victim

Texas A&M HC Buzz Williams was livid after NCAA Tournament snub.
Head coach Buzz Williams of the Texas A&M Aggies reacts against the Auburn Tigers | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The college sports playoff systems are not the best. The College Football Playoff is another question mark, and Texas A&M knows about that.

Now, the Aggies get overlooked for the NCAA Tournament field. The NIT is nothing compared to the Big Dance, especially for a high-profile program used to being there.

Williams just kept spewing out facts left and right, including firing more shots toward the Selection Committee.

“The process is obviously flawed and it is apparent that there is way more included that is unseen and unknown in the selection of the 36 at-large team than what the public is made aware of. Until there is complete transparency and accountability the system will stay broken, and this will continue to happen.”

Buzz Williams

Williams is right. The system is flawed, and every year there will be teams left out that have an eye-popping resume. Like the College Football Playoff, the NCAA Tournament selection process needs to change.

The big question is, how do they change it? How does the Selection Committee make it easier? That is the hard part.

Nonetheless, the Aggies will have to deal with the sour taste in their mouths and watch from home while attempting to make a deep NIT run.

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