The 1 Thing on Tom Brady’s Mind Before the Patriots Play the Titans

Following yet another successful season, the New England Patriots finally begin the path towards reaching the Super Bowl for another campaign. That has once again put into the topic of quarterback Tom Brady‘s long-term future with the Patriots beyond the 2019 campaign, especially with the potential the season could end in Saturday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. With that in mind, Brady has made it clear what his focus is heading into the wildcard matchup.

Tom Brady’s NFL future

The Patriots picked up where they left off after winning Super Bowl 53, moving through the 2019 season to capture their 16th straight AFC East division title.

New England’s success didn’t hush questions concerning retirement around Brady as he ventured through his 20th season. During the team’s struggles, those questions grew louder to the point where a building notion sprouted that he could be nearing the end of his tenure with the franchise.

Brady has stayed on track with his desire to play well beyond the 2019 season, but there remains uncertainty about him continuing his career with the Patriots. The two sides of been quiet mum concerning discussing anything beyond this season. However, that question was once again pouched to Brady ahead of the wildcard game.

Tom Brady’s focus heading into wildcard matchup

The Patriots are set to play in the wildcard round for the first time in a decade, which brings questions about Brady’s future in New England sooner than it usually has.

During his media availability on Thursday afternoon, the 42-year-old shot down any notion that he viewed Saturday’s game as his last with the franchise, according to Mike Reiss of ESPN.

“I’m not much for nostalgia. I’m just pretty focused on what I need to do. This week has felt pretty much like every other week for the last 20 years,” Brady said Thursday.

Brady’s response is the typical “non-answer” that he has given over the years that doesn’t dive too much into anything. It does further suggest that he’s isn’t looking past the matchup against the Titans. New England may have home-field advantage in the contest, but things are far from being a certainty with them moving past Tennessee, as evident by their home loss to the Miami Dolphins last week.

That alone should further hone Brady and the Patriots offense on the task at hand at moving past an improved Titans team. Until the Patriots’ season is over, that chatter won’t gather any real traction at this point.

What lies ahead for Tom Brady

There is certainly much that can transpire over the next few months ahead of free agency, but it appears that Brady will factor in that question in some regard.

Although his extension goes through the 2020 campaign, it does have the option to test the free-agent market while prohibiting the Patriots from placing a franchise tag on him. Brady does control his future in that aspect, which could allow him to see what organizations would be interested in bringing him in as teams like the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts, and Miami Dolphins could become viable landing spots.

All these remain hypotheticals, but there isn’t a time when his future with New England has been this cloudy. It could all wind up seeing him back next season, but the possibility remains that it could finally be the year that they move on from him and look to bring in a younger quarterback to lead the team into the next chapter.

Ultimately, Brady’s fate with Patriots will be known in the coming months, which should bring an end to questions around his future with the team.