The 1 Way Kevin Durant Is Different From LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Kevin Durant is often compared to the greatest players in NBA history, and rightfully so. He has a killer instinct and one of the most complete offensive games the league has ever seen. Because of these qualities, Durant is often compared to Michael Jordan and LeBron James. There is one way that Durant is different than the two superstars, however.

Kevin Durant’s brand

In a 2017 ESPN profile, Durant discussed his interests outside of basketball. Certainly, he has a name that is a brand unto itself. The 31-year-old appears in commercials, has a signature shoe, and even tries his hand at acting from time to time. Durant even flexes his business acumen from time to time on his web series The Boardroom.

These are relatively normal interests for an NBA superstar. But the Brooklyn Nets player is a different brand of athlete. He embraces these opportunities but they don’t define him in the same way that they define Jordan and James. Instead, Durant uses these opportunities to fuel his other, more unusual interests.

Durant’s secret hobby

Super Bowl 50 viewers may have noticed a familiar-looking seven-foot-tall photographer standing among the others. Surprisingly, this photographer was Kevin Durant, who covered the game for The Players’ Tribune.

The NBA player is into shooting photographs nearly as much as he likes shooting hoops. Durant wrote about his experience for the site afterward. He mentioned how funny it was to be a part of the media despite his famously toxic relationship with them. 

“I can see the irony of ‘Kevin Durant is a member of the media for a day'” Durant wrote. “But I had the time of my life taking sideline photos for the night. I’ve got a lot of interests outside of basketball, and one of them is doing things I haven’t done before, like stepping into the shoes of a photographer and learning about what it’s all about.”

Durant said the pressure was unlike anything he has experienced on a basketball court. From the spotlights to the production scale, he found it overwhelming but still wants to pursue photography further.

Durant’s other artistic hobby

Durant has also shown an interest in music and not as a listener. People who’ve paid attention may remember a track he and James recorded during the NBA lockout. However, Durant has shown off his rapping ability elsewhere, too.

The Washington D.C. native isn’t releasing music at the same clip of other NBA rappers like Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley, but he has worked with many different musicians throughout his career. Durant has also said he’s interested in pursuing the production side of music.

Durant’s dream job from childhood

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Durant’s interest is that he was really into the weather. The former Texas Longhorn even says his favorite movie is Twister. This may go back to his childhood when Durant wanted to be a TV weatherman. Perhaps, this is why his shoe was named after the occupation and inspired by doppler radars.

Durant has interests outside of basketball. While other players try to brand themselves as entire corporations, Durant seems content finding joy in the little things. It is, perhaps, what most sets him apart from superstars like Michael Jordan and LeBron James.