“This Is SportsCenter”: Their 5 Best Commercials Ever Made

We always love a good “This Is SportsCenter” commercial. The deadpan delivery, the use of trending athletes, the highbrow sports quips. These spots do an excellent job of hilariously depicting the culture surrounding today’s sports world. And as so many of these ads have done before, this latest one featuring New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski is completely on point.

If you think ladies are the only ones who like to gather around and admire each other’s engagement rings, just wait until the Gronk and these SportsCenter anchors get together to view No. 87’s new Super Bowl bling. As Gronkowski shares his ring story, it’s clear this isn’t the first rodeo for these fellas. So much showing off. So much praise to the tight end’s face. So much trash talking once he leaves the room. It’s like they’ve been doing this for years.

Seeing this ad reminded us of all the other fantastic spots put out by the SportsCenter crew. It also got us thinking about which ones stood out among the rest. So with this in mind, here’s a look at what we believe represent the five best “This Is SportsCenter” commercials ever

5. David Ortiz Disappoints Wally the Green Monster

The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox is so heated, that even the mascots take it seriously. Which is why when Wally the Green Monster walks by conference room to see David Ortiz sporting a Yankees cap — he was just showing the catcher how to properly break it in — and hanging with Jorge Posada, he drops everything he’s carrying, completely devastated. Even when Big Papi tries to explain that “it’s not what he [Wally] thinks,” the mascot wants nothing to do with the Sox slugger. We wholeheartedly support Wally’s decision.

4. Why Rickie Fowler Wears Bright Colors

Pro golfer Rickie Fowler is known as much for his colorful outfits, as he is for his skills on the golf course. Yet, as he enters the kitchen at the SportsCenter – rocking all orange gear and completely exhausted — we finally learn why he sports such bright duds: He doesn’t know any better — he’s colorblind. Either that, or he really enjoys putting orange juice in his decaf coffee. This just in: He doesn’t.

3. Calvin Johnson Transforms

In the perfect use of a player’s nickname, Calvin Johnson and Stuart Scott (who will always be considered as cool as the other side of the pillow) are chatting away at some cubicles in the ESPN offices, when someone comes calling for the Detroit Lions wideout. Looking to avoid the situation, Johnson tells Scott, “I was never here…” and transforms himself in a vending machine. When it’s safe to proceed, Johnson turns back into himself, thanks the anchor, and goes on his way. Scott is left completely confused. Such is the power of Megatron.

2. Parking Reserved for “D. Patrick”

In an oldie but a goodie, ESPN anchor Dan Patrick arrives at the studio as a race car is being towed away from a spot reserved for “D. Patrick.” Cue driver Danica Patrick running out the door after the truck, as it takes her ride away. With the anchor and driver now standing face to face, in front of a sign that could work for either party, it’s clear things just got terrible uncomfortable. Awkward.

1. John Clayton Is the Consummate Professional

We always knew ESPN  senior writer and NFL expert John Clayton was the “consummate professional.” What we didn’t know, was that he tapes his segments from home, lives with his parents, has a hidden ponytail, and rocks out to metal. Thanks to this classic spot, we do now. And we like him even more.