The 5 Cities With the Best-Looking Uniforms in Pro Sports

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Not everyone agrees on aesthetics, but even the least-stylish understand when they’re looking at something awful. Some teams in professional sports have uniforms that aren’t up to code. Seriously, they’re hard on the eyes. On the flip side, some franchises are elite when it comes to fashion, and to take that a step further, some cities are just next level when it comes to the look of their sports teams. How do we know this? We have the Uni Watch Power Rankings.

For those who may question the validity of these rankings, we assure you that Paul Lukas and company were not messing around. Seriously, check out these rules:

“In order to be included in the rankings, a city had to have at least three teams in the “Big Four” pro leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), a criterion that resulted in 20 eligible cities. A separate set of rankings was conducted for 11 small-market cities that have only two major-level teams. Minor league and college teams were not considered, because there are too many of them and they change their uniforms too often. MLS teams were also not considered, because they change kits too often, most of the jerseys have corporate advertising that renders them worthless, and I’m not equipped to assess soccer uniforms anyway.

“The rankings are based on each city’s Uniform Numerical Index, or UNI, which is calculated like so: Each team’s uniform set was ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. When applicable, points were added or subtracted for intangibles that affect the fan’s visual experience, such as a particularly attractive ballpark (always good for an extra point or two) or a domed football stadium (an automatic two-point deduction). The city’s total points were then tallied and divided by its number of teams, resulting in the UNI.”

With that in mind, here’s a look at five cities with the best-looking uniforms in pro sports.

5. San Francisco Bay Area

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  • UNI: 8.17

Lukas and the rest of Uni Watch gave props to the teams in the San Francisco Bay Area because they respected the contrasting styles — everything from classic to “pushing the design envelope” — displayed by all the uniforms.

The Oakland Raiders led the way, scoring a 10 for their timeless look. The A’s were given a 9, followed by the Warriors (8.5), Giants (7.5), 49ers (6.5), and Sharks (5.5). The Bay also picked up two extra points because AT&T Park is super rad and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes. All in all, it’s a solid showing for the Bay Area.

4. Philadelphia

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  • UNI: 8.38

According to the Uni Watch team, Philadelphia’s overall score would go up if the Eagles ever decided to return to their kelly green look. Still, Lukas and company had no qualms with any of the uniforms sported by the pro teams in Philly.

The 76ers, Flyers, and Eagles all scored 8’s for their respective — and respectable — duds. However, with a mark of 9.5, the Phillies led the way in the City of Brotherly Love. Too bad the team’s performance on the field can’t match the quality of the gear it sports.

3. Chicago

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo (R) celebrate a Cubs win
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  • UNI: 8.5

The pro teams in Chicago may all have fairly basic-looking uniforms, but that does nothing to diminish how good they are. Let’s be real, sometimes, less is more. This is exactly why Chicago made the top three on this particular list.

The Chicago Bears roared their way to a score of 10 and the Cubs came in right under them with a 9.5. The White Sox scored a 7.5, the Blackhawks were give a solid 7, and the Bulls followed suit with a 6.5. Of course, you can’t talk about the style of Chicago sports without bring up Wrigley Park — which added two points on the “intangibles” scale.

2. Pittsburgh

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  • UNI: 8.83

When all your pro teams rock uniforms that base their colors off the ones represented on the city flag, you can expect to get some recognition — and some “intangibles” points (1.5). That’s how they do it in Pittsburgh.

Although the Pirates and Penguins each scored a 6.5 respectively, the Steelers picked up the slack with a 10 — also nabbing the top spot in the “Uni Watch NFL Power Rankings” — and the city gained bonus points for the beauty of PNC Park (2).

1. Boston

The Boston Bruins celebrate a goal
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  • UNI: 9.13

We bet you never thought you’d see the day that the city of Boston came in first place in a style competition. But if we’re talking about the appeal of the uniforms of a city’s sports franchises, according to Uni Watch, Beantown bests them all, and it wasn’t even close.

The Boston Bruins topped all teams in the city with a 9.5 — it pays to be a member of the Original Six. The Celtics got some love with an 8.5, the Red Sox were given an 8, and the Patriots ironically finished last — oh the irony — with score of 7.5. Fenway Park brought the city two extra points, with the Celtics’ parquet floor notching a bonus point as well. Pats coach Bill Belichick also earned a point for his signature style. Of course, it was taken away because it’s atrocious.

Like it or not, another trophy appears to be heading to Boston. Sigh.

All information courtesy of and Uni Watch.

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